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  1. Well.. I Do know how to script ^^ but not that much.. well i was just asking for a tips that can help me and guide me to somewhere... i didn't ask for script to be created for me... maybe if you got something good to say then say it.. otherwise.. You know.
  2. What about this function playerDamage_text ( attacker, driver ) --when a player is damaged local driver = getVehicleOccupant ( source ) -- get the player sitting in seat 0 if ( attacker ) then local tempString if ( getElementType ( attacker ) == "vehicle" ) then local tempString = getPlayerName ( getVehicleController ( attacker ) ).." killed "..getPlayerName ( source ).." end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerDamage", getRootElement (), playerDamage_text ) addEventHandler ( "onPlayerWasted", getRootElement(), player_Wasted )
  3. Okey sorry, but i understand till when the vehicle get's damaged the part that i don't.. that how to get the play name who hit my car?? and i want to output his name when the car health is 0
  4. Okey so that event. works on vehicle hits too not just peds, right?
  5. I understand your meaning, but i don't understand that.. usually examples helps me.. but i can't understand it.. maybe you can help me by creating a simple code? please :3
  6. Hello everyone!, I have a question about making ranks and to add it to progress bar + images and changing it after every new rank! hope you can help me. -- Also i was wondring too if you can help me to add the (freeroam) colorpicker attached to a button and changes the vehicle color! Please help :3
  7. Umm thanks for that but maybe you didn't understand me well or maybe i didn't understand what do you mean lul. but i On Client ped damage it does only works on body parts?, what i mean that i have a DD server and when he gets killed by someone show his name... so it stands on (vehicles) now. i want something like get the last name hit your car. if you know what i mean? ;p
  8. Hello everyone!, First of all Happy new year Okey, from 4 days ago i bought my new server and i was going to use it as a race server but i wanted to add some thing that are difficult and a (little bit) new but i had some problems while scripting it. well i was trying to make a script which gets the player name you got killed from or last damage i wanted to use it in my race server and to attach it between the killmessages on the left of the screen. but i didn't know which function or event i should i use, i searched the whole wiki upside down.. D: Well, maybe some one could help me in t
  9. Okey.. I am having a serious problem now i when i put my self as admin in the acl and restarts the server i get's removed from the acl again... how can you help me with that?
  10. Hey I've just bought a server yesterday, and added some stuff to my server, but then some thing wiered happens suddenly after adding my stuff to the server, I tried to launch them using your web console first it asked me for Rcon password and I don't think they have asked me for a Rcon password to use when I was buying the server. Anyways I tried to type my account pass and worked (actually works with any pass, anything you type i mean) then showed me "Command: " I decided to start one of my resources I put it in the server (Using the file manager) and when I typed in the command. No thing ha
  11. I said it should be ready tomorrow Umm.. I'm sorry but i still can't see the 'cashu' payment method, also can you make the 'SANTA' Code more longer tell you add cashu or mobile payment? Please.
  12. Hey, the Website is AWESOME and Prices are INCREDIBLE! ,But please can you add Moneybookers or Cellphone(SMS) Payment methods?
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