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  1. Try looking on the wiki at the gui functions, might help... http://wiki.mtasa.com/wiki/Client_Scrip ... _functions Just read through what each function does, its not as hard as it looks.
  2. TimJ


    If your having trouble with gui maybe rather than jumping in at the deep end, just get accustomed to the functions and events of gui in more simple ways, e.g a welcome message when you join the server with a close button. Thats how i started any way
  3. TimJ


    Or, alternatively, you could just download the one that XX3 modified to be compatible with 1.0.x which can be found here: http://community.mtasa.com/index.html?p ... ils&id=535 Happy new year btw
  4. Did you remember to add yourself to the admin acl?
  5. TimJ


    Ok.. thanks for your help
  6. TimJ


    Just out of interest, anybody know how much bandwidth an MTA 1.0.X server uses?
  7. I guess you could write an ID for the objects then use getElementByID ( string Name/ID ) in a seperate lua script file. thats what i did in my server with markers anyway
  8. pickup = createPickup ( x, y, z, theType, amount/weapon/model) -- your pickup your making setElementInterior ( pickup, 1 ) -- set its interior to 1 or whatever interior you need. First interior is 0 That should do the trick
  9. Im trying to make the cursor show but it wont and im getting: Bad argument @ 'showCursor' in the console. im typing: showCursor(source, true) help EDIT: Scrap That- Fixed
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