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  1. So you're saying, that I should install MTA:SA somewhere else, where it's installed now ? I have my GTA:SA installed in my Local Disk D, don't ask me why, I had to...long story...and my MTA:SA is installed in Local Disk C...would that be a problem ? -And yeah, I downloaded it from your site.
  2. Howdy ! Soooooooo I downloaded your newest almighty MTA:SA 1.3.1, and the Map Editor is not working, the thing is I really need a Map Editor, but I always get a black screen, and if I don't put new resources, when I enter Map Editor, it says [Downloading 0b-1.35mb ((for example)) and it never downloads, just stands there, not downloading anything]. Also, if I don't put resources inside the server/mods/deathmatch/resources, it will just say either "You have been kicked by ( AC blablabla )" or that downloading issue. I was searching for like a week for this issue, and I couldn't find a solution. I tried everything ! Uninstalling my mods, re-installing MTA:SA and my GTA:SA, I tried visiting your wiki, I have 1.00us gta_sa.exe, I have run the "MTADiag.exe" and it updates my MTA:SA, and still nothing. I am running it with Windows SP-5, I tried with Windows SP-3, still nothing, and I have Windows 7 64bit. Tried to install MTA:SA race 1.1.1, nothing, -||- 1.1.2, nothing again. I also have this "MTA:SA db repair" also, guess what ? I think you know...NOTHING. Oh yeah, when I enter a server where people play, you know, races, dm, all that, it works like a charm <3 Heres a beautiful picture of my Map Editor: ((my screen resolution is 1920x1080, so sorry)) Running it with administrator rights ? Tried. Running it normally ? Same. Oh yeah, some moderator/admin dude posted on a Map Editor problem thread somewhere, a axl.xml (I think thats the file called) a new codes, to edit the old one, I DID THAT TOO, and nothing ! So please help me ? Pwetty pwease ? I'll be your best friend on the internet, I swear !
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