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  1. Ah that's such a simple script I love it. Cheers!
  2. I am curious how to upload custom models and skins for the server. I have custom stuff in my MTA installation but other people don't see it on the server. Also if they have custom skins and models is there a way to override that?
  3. Yep. It was the software for my logitech pad. As soon as I closed it the controller was working right. I normally don't ever use it so I didn't even think about it until you said something about a program with settings for games. Sorry it took so long to figure out, thanks for your help and patience!
  4. Fascinating. When the MTA window is active moving the right stick does nothing, however if I make either Sample active MTA registers the right stick, number move, and even ingame the right stick works as long as the Sample is the active window which says to me that the actual GTA program is handling the joystick fine but the MTA overlay messes it up.
  5. Has any progress been made on this?
  6. Is that the same one you asked me to install yesterday? It has the same name.
  7. Odd. When MTA was the active window and I tried to rotate the right stick, Sample 2 did not pick up on it at all, however I moved the left stick and both MTA and sample 2 registered it. However I still made a video. I moved the left stick first just to show you both programs we operating normally, then I tried moving the right stick and nothing happens.
  8. I will make the video when I'm back from errands but I can tell you now that I just tried the Sample 2 and Sample 1 at the same time and they both reported the same numbers as I rotated the sticks so I'm not sure what the difference is suppose to be between the first sample and second.
  9. I have complied with your request Curious, when I switch back to MTA and move the right stick it sets the numbers to zero, so in a way it does recognize the right stick but perhaps it doesn't know how to interpret it? What do you think so far?
  10. It was the same effect, as I went to bind the right stick axis' using my right stick nothing happened and I had to hit ESC. But hopefully you can gain something by this video. I did some tinkering around again with swap joysticks. Left and right stick were swapped and so when I went back in MTA I moved the right stick around and MTA responded by moving the axis numbers. Unfortunately when I went to bind right stick with the swapped stick it still came up as Z axis which is the left stick. And also in the swap mode the left stick isn't being recognized. So it seems that MTA doesn't know how t
  11. In the video I did the following in order: Pushed Up, Left, Right, Down on D-Pad Rotated left stick Rotated Right Stick Pressed buttons
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