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  1. Hey, Today I've re-installed MTA, and now I can't see the race pick-ups like nitro, repair and vehiclechange. Is there any way to solve this or not? I just see something brown or so. Thanks for your help.
  2. Maybe it's a nice challenge to beat some SiK member's toptimes then
  3. Hey guys, i want to present you the new fun server from SiK - Speed is King, Jazzy and Jason made this server with the help of some friendly SiK members. All is explained in the video We hope some people will come to check the server out Find more information here : http://www.fullysik.net/index.php?topic=1464.0 Server ip : mtasa:// Enjoy the video
  4. When i start the resource, i only get the arrow, and nothing else... How to fix it?
  5. Hey, Maybe here there is a good person who would like to make me a short video intro for the videos of my clan? Would be very nice... If interested, contact me on skype : relaxmta Thanks in advance (:
  6. We are organising a little 1vs1 tournament, you can read all info here http://www.sv-clan.ru/index.php?topic=19.0 But be fast, only 32 slots available!
  7. As far as i know, no i didn't... Can someone send me an original acl ?
  8. Nope, i still get the same error
  9. i only changed smth at admin for making myself an admin <acl> <group name="Everyone"> <acl name="Default"/> <object name="user.*"/> <object name="resource.*"/> </group> <group name="Moderator"> <acl name="Moderator"/> <object name="resource.mapcycler"/> <object name="resource.mapmanager"/> <object name="resource.resourcemanager"/> <object name="resource.votemanager"/> </group> <group name="SuperModerator"> <acl name="Mod
  10. Hey, I've started doing a lot of editing last days, but now i would like to make a map with some members, but i can't start my own server, when i start the 'MTA Server' on MTA>server, i get this message : [TIME] ERROR : Error parsing Acces Control List File [TIME] Server stopped! Can anyone help me with this? Thanks for the help...
  11. Mr.reLax

    Scoreboard, bugged

    Ok, thanks for the help and the quik respond
  12. Mr.reLax

    Scoreboard, bugged

    Hai today i made my scoreboard a bit bigger by clicking 'settings', but i accidently put it too big, and the 'settings' button is gone... Is there a way to fix it?
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