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  1. Take a look in the whole code if there's more than one bindkey on f1, because it seems impossible, the code should work...
  2. What do you get in debugscript? Also, are you using the SERVER part in a server file? Since it looks really weird to me
  3. Server: function CheckMute () if isPlayerMuted ( source ) then setElementData(source,"Muted",true); else setElementData(source,"Muted",false); end end addEventHandler("onPlayerMute", root,CheckMute) addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", root,CheckMute) Client: bindKey(KeyToOpen or "F1","down", function () if getElementData(localPlayer,"Muted") then return end guiSetVisible(panel,false ) showCursor(guiGetVisible(panel)) if guiGetVisible(panel) == true then mode = "no_binds_when_editing" else mode = "allow_binds" end guiSetInputMode(mode or "allow_binds") end end)
  4. Thank you so much and sorry, i didn't knew about that function and i was trying to use that functions directly on the gridlist, haha Solved, thanks for your patience again
  5. Umh, i maybe didn't understood well but i'll try to explain what i figured out... You could store the whole data in an array and use them with onClientKey, like: function Example (button, pressOrRelease) if not pressOrRelease then return end if isMouseInPosition ( Array[0],Array[1],Array[2],Array[3] ) then outputChatBox("You clicked on X image") end end addEventHandler("onClientKey", root, Example) function isMouseInPosition ( x, y, width, height ) if ( not isCursorShowing( ) ) then return false end local sx, sy = guiGetScreenSize ( ) local cx, cy = getCursorPosition ( ) local cx, cy = ( cx * sx ), ( cy * sy ) if ( cx >= x and cx <= x + width ) and ( cy >= y and cy <= y + height ) then return true else return false end end Don't blame me if that's not what you needed, that's just what i understood and i'm trying to help...
  6. Sorry to update this topic still, i tried all of those functions but it seems to not affect on my gridlist, i tried different ways... {tocolor(r,g,b,a)}, tocolor(r,g,b,a), {r,g,b,a} and even hex codes but i can't get it working, maybe i'm missing something or idk...
  7. I'll try it out, thank you for your patience, i really appreciate your help
  8. Thank you so much @thisdp, i'd like to know just one more thing, is there any function to change the scrollbar color? Because i can't see anything related in the documentation (Maybe i'm blinded, idk)
  9. I hope it will get fixed, i love this library and i don't wanna change it, i'm making my whole server based on it
  10. Hello everyone, i hope someone could explain me what i'm doing wrong, i'm getting a weird bug when i start to fill my gridlist in dgs, is that a bug or what? This is my gridlist code: Nextmap = DGS:dgsCreateGridList (0.51, 0.54, 0.16, 0.14, true ) DGS:dgsSetFont ( Nextmap, "default-bold" ) DGS:dgsSetProperty(Nextmap,"bgColor",tocolor(0,0,0,180)) DGS:dgsSetProperty(Nextmap,"rowTextColor",tocolor(135,206,250,255)) DGS:dgsSetProperty(Nextmap,"columnColor",tocolor(0,0,0,180)) DGS:dgsSetProperty(Nextmap,"rowColor",{tocolor(135,206,250,0),tocolor(135,206,250,0),tocolor(135,206,250,0)}) DGS:dgsSetProperty(Nextmap,"scrollBarState",{true,false}) If you see, the scrollbar goes out of the gridlist and i can't figure out why, there's just 2 rows and i'm forcing the vertical scrollbar to true Also, i'd like to know if there's some functions to change the scrollbar's color since i can't see anything in the documentation I hope you all or @thisdp could help me, thanks in advance!
  11. It's just the first day i had a server here but i'm not facing any big issue, i had a problem with ftp client which weren't connecting to the server but it got solved. The ping is pretty stable, maybe the only bad thing is that the support sometimes is really slow at replies, other than that seems a good service, gonna see if my server gets deleted like a service that i tried almost 1 week ago...
  12. A friend of mine had the server deleted too. is down and because of that service i lost all of my data, same for my friend! I wouldn't reccomend a service that shuts down your server without even sending an email, this is pure bull:~ cause i lost most of my data there!
  13. Had a server for 4 or 5 days and it got deleted without a reason, i didn't even get an email for that and i lost all my data, same for a friend of mine which lost all his maps since he was using it for a mapping sv. Don't take any free server from that and if u wanna do it make lot of backups since they don't care about your data!
  14. Well, i switched to dgs but it feels like there's something missing still... I can't figure out how to change the font size into the Edit Box and the default one is really small... EDIT: Nevermind, i found the right documentation here https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Dgs-dxedit Thank you so much