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  1. Is this project dead? It's a shame, it's actually very great!
  2. Nope it's an open source look viewtopic.php?f=108&t=82870 #REKT Rekt? Lmao I see how low leveled you're buddy, I never knew it's open source. And just ask the author who made this system or report this bug in the official topic of this open-source gamemode.
  3. deliveryLocations = { {275, 1956, 17}, -- LV Military Forces HQ Base {-1303, 473, 7}, -- SF Naval Ship Base } rhinoLocations = { --LV {-685, 1195, 14}, {2542, 2853, 10}, --SF {-1742, 2445, 70}, {-1950, -1083, 30}, {-2071, -2437, 30}, --LS {2264, -2539, 8}, {679, -443, 16}, } function generateAV() local x, y, z = unpack(rhinoLocations[math.random(#rhinoLocations)]) avRhino = createVehicle(432, x, y, z+0.5) blip = createBlipAttachedTo(avRhino, 19) function onPlayerEnterTheAV(pla) local team = getPlayerTeam
  4. 3B00d, eh. It's my own script, I figured out that the element data was the problem. So instead I used my server export to detect if the player is logged in or nope. If you want more proofs, go ahead and PM me. /requesting a lock. P.S Guys, please remove my code to avoid getting it stolen.
  5. I fixed it, thanks for help guys!
  6. Now when I press F1 nothing appears. No debug errors.
  7. huh, didn't you notice that he used local playerpos = getLocalPlayer()?, so instead of repeating getLocalPlayer(), using playerpos would fit.
  8. Check for viruses please, also you processor is kind of low. 256 gb graphic card? You meant mb. What's the name of the card?
  9. Oh my god! That's awesome! I got fucking skills in filming, looking forward for more vids!
  10. Well, it's like when hitting a marker, the dx rect must appear to the hitElement, I used it, appeared for whole players...
  11. Well I was trying to know what to put in the event of @addEventHandler("onClientRender", localPlayer, showUI) I used that one, it still showing for all players, so any solutions?
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