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  1. nice to see MTA still going strong
  2. -=11pm GMT Saturday 21st February =- Will be the new date, So grab ya teammate and get ready, if anybody listed already cant make it please let me know. and any new teams post in here.
  3. lol sorry bout the time away bk now though ill rearrange this ASAP sorry to everyone who rushed bk to play.... i been stuck with shitty 56k so i decided id rather not use the internet and threw the goddamn modem away bk at full speed now tho
  4. hmmmmm oooooooooooooooooooooooook First things first , right said fred OMFG nightmares madmike n teknickel u sound like a gd couple, So made for each other anyways looks like we have a gd battle building up, i will be taking part but not sure who with yet , if you want to take part but have nobody to team with drop me a PM ill get a teammate for u or may even be your teammate. well im stuck on 56k till this event so im just gonna go and wonder what i done b4 the days of broadband....
  5. ill try n sort out a single elim open tourny kungfu, shud be good, jus a few things to sort out b4 i start it.
  6. -=11pm GMT Saturday 21st February =- Simple tournament , 2 v 2 , 1 x 30min round , most kills wins and goes to next stage. Maximum Of 16 Teams Post In here if you want to join with your teammates name included. 1. Deathb + SGB 2. Wheelman + Pi 3. Ransom + Firefox 4. Dealer + Zoot 5. Teknickel + XCrispy 6. Crunch + Gamefreek 7. [WtF]Zeus + [WtF]SpanX 8. MadMike + TheNight/Deejee 9. Outback + N4sr 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Available for Selection Andy Nugget
  7. site has moved to http://vcs.wojjie.net/servers/servers.htm
  8. wow bill pure.... umm umm whats the word im looking for, i begins with a c.... hmmm CRAP !! excellent work at least 3mins of useless reading there kinda reminded me of this 1 time at band camp when this girl played god save the queen with the trumpet using no lips, well she lost the trumpet during the second verse which nobody knew the words too but everyone cheered and mumbled along. short n sweet story with a nice cast and some real good performances.
  9. This was just stage 1 of the site, i will be adding alot more shortly. and i do use ASE for CoD Enemy Territory and MOHAA and the likes but only since i had to get it for MTA as the others have built in server lists which have all the best servers on anyways /me wishes for a built in mta server list
  10. Damnnn... A friend of mine typed this in msn, as soon as i read it i knew it belonged here
  11. haha Well the only thing i really liked about ASE was if a server is full it waits and connects u when a slot is open. Well now the site does that as well If u use the Launch Client link on the page with the server info on , If the server is full it will keep trying and launch the client once a space is available. You will need to use MTAPH to use this feature.
  12. sorry eai i didnt think twice. Well i dunno what u cud update on it tho except maybe making it work with opera browsers, it does everything else. But if u update MTAPH let me know ill change it.
  13. umm well nvm i had just woken up, WHY AINT UR SERVER RUNNING THEN
  14. can u connect to it tho, robpol' server worked but everyone crc check timed out.
  15. what if you are a sinner and die on the moon ? Wud the devil fly u back to hell or just leave u there ?
  16. its more for the n00bs without it
  17. a few from irc..... [MrBump]: put the whole thing in [+Wartech]: that wasnt even 60 sec [+MrBill]: grease is the worst to get out [sM-BiZaRrE]: thats not a dildo, thats a lavalamp [+MrBill]: I could show you my pm box
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