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  1. thanks for helping me, im greatly thankful for your help. sorry if i might need your help again :3
  2. Ah that worked and i did not know you could have two shotcuts to equal another function "local gSelectedRow, gSelectedColumn" Cool it works but does not take players money, i don't really need the checking of the players cash
  3. Thanks again, It says line 66 a nil value local gSelectedRow, gSelectedColumn = guiGetSelectedItem(GUIEditor_gridlist[1])
  4. Ahh i was half asleep when i was creating it, maybe i should just fuck it and just give up
  5. i used an example off another resource addEvent("givecred",true) addEventHandler("givecred",root, function (money,number) if (tonumber(number) > 0) then if ( getPlayerMoney (source) >= money ) then takePlayerMoney(source, money) local acc = getPlayerAccount ( source ) setElementData(source,"credi",getElementData(source,"credit")+number) setAccountData(acc,"credit",getElementData(source,"credit")) end end end ) this was what it originally was
  6. Check if players money is more than 100 then if it is then take 100 else it outputs and says "You do not have enough money to buy Nitro"
  7. i will post a picture of my GUI (first time using GUI with an Account so sorry of my difficulties)
  8. Oh i see, i think so define number
  9. Thanks that worked and it should be taking the money off me, and i have it defined local acc = getPlayerAccount ( client )
  10. trololooooo giveNitro was triggered was outputted thanks man now the other problem is [2014-06-19 20:55:53] ERROR: mechupgrades\s.lua:74: attempt to compare number with nil which is because number has no value
  11. Yeah Citizen, that is bassically what i mean. where the the player can can buy from the NPC and use at anytime he wants on anycar because he/she bought one, so i would use to apply the object addVehicleUpgrade ( playersource, 1010 ) because 1010 is 10x nitro so he can use it 10 times unless his care is destroyed.
  12. Neither do i "toffbrown" version="1" type="script" name="upgrades" />
  13. outputChatBox("same here too") and outputChatBox("ok, here is ok too") worked but still says [2014-06-18 23:48:43] ERROR: Client (Mr.Toff) triggered serverside event giveboomnitro, but event is not added serverside
  14. Oh i know that but it was referring to what you said previous, and still does not work IDK what we did wrong
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