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  1. ENKWiNX

    Need For Speed Nos

    Doesnt work for play gamemode only for race i want to make it work on play "freeroam" gameplay
  2. ENKWiNX

    Need For Speed Nos

    How can i make Need For Speed nos work in play gamemode http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=2133
  3. ENKWiNX

    Bigger Wheels

    yes they are before they werent idk what i did
  4. ENKWiNX

    Bigger Wheels

    no i dont i just use wheels mod different wheels more realistic but i stoped the resource and still big wheels but only on hotring racers
  5. ENKWiNX

    Bigger Wheels

    Why i always have bigger wheels on only hotring racers but not on other cars? http://i.imgur.com/3blNz.jpg
  6. ENKWiNX

    Sit Smoke Drink

    Could someone make this resource? http://www.gta-modding.com/area/index.p ... iew&id=431
  7. ENKWiNX


    Does anybody know how to make or download a neon under a car? please i reallly need this
  8. ENKWiNX

    Hide Name

    How can i hide my name i have a slender skin and i wanna scare ppl but they see my name -.-
  9. ENKWiNX


    Does anybody know how to install paintjobs to custom car mods ?
  10. Does anybody know how to put pedestrians walking around the map and cars driving around like in single player gta sa
  11. ENKWiNX

    Fall through land

    Hello guys this thing is ruining my server i some where around the map i fall through ground and other players also i restarted server and still nothing take a look: http://i.imgur.com/scPli.jpg http://i.imgur.com/UGkqS.jpg And btw why i dont see other players on the map ?
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