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  1. @Artur_Sagitovplease only use english in this section. @MrLoKiyou should post your code here and then ask for help. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetOnlineAdmins this can be of use.
  2. No vengas acá a vender buzones, sabemos quien sos y la respuesta es la misma. DENEGADA
  3. Buenas, tal como indica tu motivo de baneo, por favor contactarme vía Discord para poder dialogar sobre el baneo. Mi usuario es CiBeR#0001
  4. Hola, por favor edita tu mensaje siguiendo estas normas: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/94788-normas-de-esta-sección/
  5. Como te comente por discord, fuiste baneado por Pedophilia, por divulgar informacion confidencial de los usuarios y incentivar a que tu comunidad de usuarios ataque a dichos usuarios. Esto no es el comportamiento que el owner de un servidor de MTA deba tener, ademas de ser completamente illegal. Te recuerdo que la info que tenemos sobre la denuncia no se limita exclusivamente a lo recabado en capturas de pantalla, esta es una denuncia que se estudio durante un buen tiempo y lo unico que encontramos fueron cosas ilegales. Yo mismo precencie en un discord dichas actividades asi que me parece gracioso que vengas a tratar al staff de MTA de mentiroso. La denuncia esta denegada y la informacion sera compartida con las autoridades si llega el caso.
  6. Para que quisieras ver la password?
  7. Hi, we have looked into this. You were banned for posting a discord invite link in multiple channels. Not only that, but you also tried to evade the ban with another account. This sort of behavior is not allowed by our community rules and you are no longer welcome on the discord. Please don't make any more posts on this subject.
  8. @trux_yt por favor, hace las preguntas pertinentes en un solo mensaje, evita el spam. Gracias.
  9. Do you have a custom server log system? What type of logs do you wish to sync? Have you tried using a service like webmin/docker and some kind of log shipper?
  10. Hey, i've moved your topic to the correct section. Regarding your issue, can you please run a MTADiag( ) and also supply the version of MTA that works/and doesnt work?
  11. Doing something like that with no experience will create a potential security vulnerability almost 100% sure. You can use some server administrator that has already been vouched and pentested like webmin http://www.webmin.com/ With this you can administer your ubuntu box and also launch, monitor and stop your server. Good luck
  12. A continuacion, una lista de servidores/miembros/comunidades que tienen prohibido publicar aca y en nuestro discord debido a continuas infracciones a las politicas de la comunidad. De mas esta decir que no son bienvenidos en los foros ni en nuestro discord. Pueden apelar a este bloqueo mediante un PM a cualquier de nuestros moderadores de habla hispana: @diegofkda @Castillo @HAZJ @.:CiBeR:. con una disculpa la cual tambien sera dada a la comunidad. Inganable Roleplay Buenos Aires en Tierra( Trabajamos continuamente y ad-honorem para mantener esta comunidad limpia de personas y comunidades ingratas, en especial, aquellas que usan tecnicas inapropiadas para proyectar sus comunidades.
  13. Good to know, though I don't recommend giving a user full permissions over your mysql server. You should identify what permissions you need and give the user those.
  14. It is possible, for this you should enable the cursor and listen on the following event: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnClientClick Event parameters received when event is triggered: string button, string state, int absoluteX, int absoluteY, float worldX, float worldY, float worldZ, element clickedWorld That gives you the absoluteX & absoluteY and also the x,y,z from the world. Most importantly, the last argument passed by the event is an element if one has been clicked, you could check if that element is a car and it's on sale, and then print that out.
  15. This usually means exactly what the error says. You are trying to call a client-side event that is not created(either it being native/manually created with addEvent). This could be because of a script that failed to load and never registered the event, or depending on your script maybe certain conditions are not met for the event to be added. I suggest looking in your scripts for the event syncFuel and make sure that the script that registers the event is working properly.
  16. Wrong credentials as @Patrickstated or it could be wrong permissions over the table/db you want to use.
  17. You need to use: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/TriggerClientEvent Or use something that is synced, like elementData.
  18. 0xCiBeR


    Como te mencionaron aca: Tu baneo es irrevocable.
  19. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/AttachElements https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/DestroyElement + Element Datas to set status of admin mode https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetElementData https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetElementData
  20. Hola. Aca en el foro no hay ningun usuario con el nombre ELTITI Saludos.
  21. You will also need some sort of saving system. SQLite or MySQL are good options.
  22. Please take a look at the Wiki. You have a lot of ways of achieving this. You can also use a third party service like https://www.game-state.com/
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