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  1. I have given you 48hours to comply and you failed to do that. The "idea" behind MTA:DayZ is not copyrighted since nobody has licencing agreements with the original Game Devs(DayZ Devs) What is copyrighted are the base game files you used to base your gamemode off. https://github.com/mihayy5/mtadayz07 is an illegal code distribution repository so since you based your gamemode off of it, you are breaking copyright rules. I have submitted DMCA takedowns.
  2. Hi, i really am sad to see people branching out and making own gamemodes based of open sourced gamemodes instead of just contributing to open source projects. If you disliked the way our official DayZ project was heading, you could have discussed it with the devs, we could have even make a branch for a separate branch of the gamemode with epoch approach. I'm sorry to say, but you do not posses the proper licencing rights over the base dayz version you used so you are in violation of copyright rules. I will give you 48 hours to completely delete you repository and all links to it before filling a DMCA claim for breaking copyright rules. Take this as a fair notice before legal actions as a token of good will on NullSystemWorks side. NullSystemWorks and their devs are the only ones that hold proper licencing for previous compiled DayZ gamemodes. The only legal version to open source and branch out on is https://github.com/NullSystemWorks/mtadayz Like I said, you have 48hs before a DMCA. I discourage any servers to use this version of the gamemode as we will also file DMCA takedown requests to your ISPs. Good Day.
  3. Ningún hosting tercierizado( es decir, que brinda alojamiento "Managed" sin darte una VPS ofrece SSH ) Si buscas SSH, simplemente ve y alquila una VPS. Por lo demas no puedo hablar, no conozco.
  4. You could start by telling us what "many" is and how do you imagine using such settings. If its just on login, or do you plan to store data like levels, kills, etc. I wouldn't use XML for anything. Stick with SQLite or MySQL
  5. What DayZ source code are you using?
  6. I have told you how to do it. Use triggers. triggerClientEvent
  7. You are using Server-Side only events and functions on a client side file. You should make 2 files, one client-side and one server-side and trigger events or use elementDatas. ServerSide: getAccountName onPlayerLogin isObjectInACLGroup getAccountName getPlayerAccount aclGetGroup
  8. Can you show us an outputDebugString showing the data that you are trying to insert?
  9. Hey, as a part of my hosting company, i started to migrate everything to docker. For this, i made a basic docker image and I decided to make it public. Info on how to use it is in the repository. Pull Requests are welcome! Enjoy! Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/ciber96/mtasa-docker Github Repo: https://github.com/ciber96/mtasa-docker
  10. Sorry for the late reply. I downloaded last version and its ok.
  11. .:CiBeR:.

    Debug Setting

    Esta pedido aca: https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/issues/783