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  1. It works awesome and well and thanks GTX. But when I run the scripts shouldn't it like play the music and load the files etc. ? Cause it doesn't although the files are downloaded. If you could help me with that guys would be awesome. Regards, Delta.
  2. I don't wanna save a freakin' script I wanna save a file. For example lets say a music file. In order to be ran I need to save it in the client cache. Since I'm using 'pcall ( loadstring )' I have to transfer everything manually. And even if you don't understand can't you just tell me how to move a file from serverside to clientside. I know why I wanna do that. Regards, Delta.
  3. Not if you want to do what I'm trying to succeed. I want to make a server with many gamemodes inside and to succeed that I have to trigger the map elements, scripts and files Client Side to load them for the specific player that has joinned the specific gamemode. All I want to know is how to trigger a file from server side to client side so I can stick it in cache. Regards, Delta.
  4. Hello guys, I was just wondering if there is a way to transmit Server Side files within maps to Client Side Cache. I already looped through a map's file but I can't seem to understand how to transfer the actual file to client side. The reason I wanna do that is cause I'm running clientside scripts on 'pcall ( loadstring )' and no meta file from the actual map is read. So I can't play the music files etc etc. I tried something like that : Server Side : for Index, MapFile in ipairs( g_RaceFiles ) do -- For all the scripts read them completely. g_RaceFiles[Index] = { } g_R
  5. As GTX said a Port is already in use or blocked. Try to close your skype and try again.
  6. I found another way I made my own functions like getDXAlpha setDXAlpha it works now just kept adding 10 everytime.
  7. I'm making my own client side library for making scripts easy in the future ( I might be releasing ) and I have a query. Could you please tell me how could I fade a player screen through time? I tried some ways but it doesnt fade it through time. And fadeCamera fades it completely Thanks
  8. deltamta

    save [help]

    Im not so sure but try function playerLogin (_, theCurrentAccount, autoLogin) local account = getAccountName (theCurrentAccount ) if not (isGuestAccount (account)) then -- no need to get the players account local accountData = getAccountData (account , "Deaths") local accountData = getAccountData (account , "Kills") if (accountData) then setElementData(source,"Deaths",accountData ) --use the account data var instead of getting another var plus use setElementData setElementData(source,"Kills",accountData ) --use the account dat
  9. yes ofc i did that and I also put HTTP port But still aint working. ( I also tested with a different host but still nothing )
  10. Sorry for bumping but your code gives me an ERROR 22! I have read CURL and it shows this : CURLE_HTTP_RETURNED_ERROR (22) This is returned if CURLOPT_FAILONERROR is set TRUE and the HTTP server returns an error code that is >= 400. Sorry if I look like a nab but i actually never worked with callRemote.
  11. Crystal ur suggestion is good but I figured out another way to do it and it works. I just created a GUI and set the alpha to 0 so when the mouse hovers over the gui it draws the dx rectangle. It might sound weird but it works well
  12. Heyo Guys, I have a query... As you all might know on GUI's we use onClientMouseEnter or onClientMouseLeave as hover functions to make our GUI's look cooler But im making a script using dx Drawings and I was curious if there is any specific function when you hover a dx Rectangle to change to a different color Thanks, Delta
  13. It has to set a timer of 10 seconds to increase +30 hp every second till it has reached @ about 333 hp
  14. Heyo, I have a quick query because I'm trying to make a race function... I want to make a function that when your vehicle's health reaches to a critical moment so basically just before it starts burning, I want it to slowly start replenishing it's health to 30% in 30 seconds. ( I also want it to wait 10 seconds before the replenishment proccess starts ) Now I don't want it to pass 30% because then the script would not be fair for other players ... Here is my research till now : --[[ Repair Script By *Delta^# ]] function setHealth ( loss ) vehicle = source setTimer (
  15. Hi I made a nice version which you can do /collide [which player you should collide] [yes or no] and only admins can set collisions on and off! It might not work though cause I made it in school and didn't have a chance to test it! If it doesn't work just tell me so I can get home and fix it. ( Credits go to NeXTreme for making the : getPlayerFromParticalName(thePlayerName) which is usefull so you don't have to put the exact name ) Also make sure the ends and elses are correctly because I kind of rushed! It is server side Here : -- Damage proof Script for by *Delta^# -- addComman
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