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  1. Thanks guys. Fixed!
  2. Hello everybody, i was trying to add some labels to the screen about normal information (Location, Server Name, Fps and Ping). So I found out that they has guiGetScreenSize but when I change the resolution it seems weird. Not as I made it. So I wanted to know how to make the "maths" of this function to get the same place in different resolutions. CODE I MADE. addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() local sx,sy = guiGetScreenSize() dxDrawText("AGE Of BATTLES", sx*673/800, sy*550.5/600, sx*0/800, sy*0/600, tocolor(0, 109, 132, 255), 1.3, "pricedown", "left", fal
  3. Hello guys. I was wondering if you guys could help me a little bit with a resource that i have been editing (It's not mine), but i got the permissions to edit it so i was tring to clear it from the /debugscript 3 and i fixed it a little but i found some errors and i dont know how to fix it. When i commit a suicide, i received those messages. (IMAGE) IMAGE CODE function setLevel(killer) local leveld = getElementData(killer,"kill.level") local sleveld = getElementData(source,"kill.level") local klevel = getElementData(killer,"Level") local kills = getElementData(killer,"Kills") loca
  4. Hello, i was making a gridlist where i can see the player nicknames but when i trigger the function i receive the accountName and i dont know how to change it to the PlayerName! There are the codes: function getPlayerKillsInOrder() theTable = {} for i, acc in ipairs(getAccounts()) do local name = getAccountName(acc) local kills = getAccountData(acc, "Kills") or 0 table.insert(theTable, {kills, name}) end ------not necessary the Trigger: addEvent("refreshList", true) addEventHandler("refreshList", root, function() triggerClientEvent(source, "onRequestRefresh",
  5. Try deleting all the resources from those servers and re-download them, some resource could make some trouble there.
  6. At least he shared his work to the community, he spend hours doing this and he is not selling any resource or script. PD: Good work making this gamemode!
  7. Therefore the TopBarChat is made by xXMADEXx, but anyways the script is not changed in anything, good work keep it up!
  8. Hey T-Bom I've been fine thanks. And i didn't know that. Those functions might be helpful in other resource I'm making, thanks for the help!
  9. Thanks man i solved it!
  10. So how the title says, i want to refresh the gridlist of the players when i open the panel, how can i do that? this is what i did with a loop. for id, playeritem in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local row = guiGridListAddRow ( gridlist ) guiGridListSetItemText ( gridlist, row, playcol, string.gsub ( getPlayerName (playeritem), '#%x%x%x%x%x%x','' ), false, false ) end
  11. Now a stupid question, What is that?
  12. Hello guys, i was wondering how can i know the use of the ram of my server in the host because the support team of my host said i get time out because of the max use of the RAM and the ram of this host is 2GB!
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