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  1. If holding down the look down and left buttons stop it, then devise some way of holding them down, such as some sort of bent paperclip thingamajig or a piesce of paper.
  2. Warmaster129


    Stop posting on this forum. It gets annoying when you come on here and act alike a total idiot. YES, you do need to have a microphone to voice chat, you cant yell halfway round the world. Wrong forum BTW.
  3. Here's what I think the versions should go like, post your ideas about it too. 0.3.5: Mostly just getting GTA3 Multi that works enough to have it really utilize GTA3 (Less Lag, Peds+Cars, More Weapons, Gamemodes, Chat, etc.) 0.4: Improving GTA3 Multi and experimenting with GTAVC Multi. 0.5: Perfecting GTA3 Multi 0.6: GTAVC Multi now 0.3-ish 0.7: GTAVC Multi now 0.4-ish 0.8: GTAVC Multi perfected 0.9: Last few ideas put in 1.0: Last lag+bug reducing and last few big ideas
  4. The server should decide on the time of day and weather. I think it would be neat to have a really dark stealth type thing.
  5. Just to let you know, that question has been asked numerous times in here. SEARCH!
  6. It is similar to MTA because it IS MTA. The original name for MTA was GTA3AM (Alternate Multiplayer).
  7. You know the missions in VC where you drive and somebody else shoots or somebody else drives and you shoot? Think about it. Also: Think: Assault Mode.
  8. Don't take everyting seriously. Remember that other game sites have "reported" that Sin City will be the next in the GTA series.
  9. San Andreas, an MMORPG? No offense to everybody, but I feel like I'm surrounded by gullible idiots. There's really nothing I can do about it, though.
  10. Sin City is just another rumor floating around. Since the cities in GTA1 were Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City, it's obvious that the next GTA will be GTA: San Andreas. The next one after that will (probably) be GTA4.
  11. I'm 99.9999999% sure that that Sin City is completely fictional. If I see it on the R* site, I'll beleive it.
  12. The message is in the topic, so why are you reading the post? *slaps you*
  13. Short and sweet- No. All cheats will be blocked. I don't see cheats enabled in UT2003.
  14. Are you on crack T2k2? Go to the main GGM site and tell me there are no GGM forums. Or, due to stupidity, you can go to the below link. http://www.guardians.ch/cgi-bin/ib/ikonboard.cgi
  15. Custom skins woldn't be good, as there is a skin out there that makes you invisible except for your gun.
  16. MTA and GGM are ok, you just can't use them at the same time. The radar mod is ok with everything, and I think the cars mod is ok with MTA and GGM.
  17. First: What kind of mods are you talking about?
  18. I think there were no NPCs because they hit the limit with 32 people/actors/whatever.
  19. Well, I was basically thinking of a gamemode where there would be no scoring or anything.... so you could basically "mess around". IThere could also be a Co-op gamemode where you select missions and have fun using neat strategies, in Bomb Da Base one person could go Rambo while another supports him by sniping... oh, well, nevrmind.
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