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  1. How can I create a button that has a text and a image?
  2. Just edit the file in the resource lol
  3. Do you have any image examples on this? Doesn't matter if its just writting poop on a house or something
  4. Then it wont work as expected, let's say I want to print the username on the back of a shirt, I cant do that with photoshop because i have to create all the possible variables
  5. Is it possible to print text on textures so we can have, for example, numbers on shirts?
  6. I have a list of comboboxes for customization, but I wanna know if I can get one combobox to overlap other, in order to select the items. Has anyone managed this?
  7. Hello, I'm trying to edit the freeroam resource in order to create a new one, but I'm trying to create a tab panel with tabs and I am not getting it right or something { 'tbp', id='clothestab', --x = 0, --y = 0, width = 350, height = 100, controls = { {'tab', text='Skin', controls = { {'br'}, }, }, {'tab', text='Skin2', controls = { {'br'}, }, }, {'tab', text='Skin3', controls = { {'br'}, }, }, }, },
  8. With this I can play with 1.png and my friend with 2.png?
  9. This will only work for replacement right? I wanna have more textures than the default ones in order to add more clothes
  10. Can I set the texture part to a custom one using AddPedClothes? If so... how? What format does the texture need to be?
  11. Jack will give the user Jack the skin number 1
  12. Is there any resource that lets you do that?
  13. Not this, I mean the color the numbers are and so on I think it couldnt be done with shaders, still dont know why
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