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  1. i know this does not count as a mta3 question,but i am not sure where to post it, well its not a question,i just think that who ever needs to know about this problem be told,the gta3 restore download does not work as the page can not be found! thanx for your time sorry for moaning but i need this download
  2. the mini is in mta:vc ? where if you could give a location it is near it wold be great! thanx
  3. i would just like to say that i have found playing on the offical servers faster and killing people seems a lot easyer,people are not just boncying around like in some servers!
  4. a rocket launcher would be great
  5. i don't know,maybe we should talk about the hot chick some more!!!! lol but i am also look forword to mta:vc 0.2 Keep Up The Good Work
  6. i thought it could be something like that,thanx for the help!
  7. i have to agree! well done sorry for the stupid amount of happy faces!
  8. yer this will be great as i always seem to be stuck at the airport with no car the only hard part would be convincing someone to give be a lift
  9. wheelie button???????????????????? no need to sound stupid,but what wheelie button? plz tell me?
  10. zenmor

    'talk' key

    i think the idea of a team key(when there is teams,if there is going to be teams)would be a very useful thing to have ,infact i can not really see the game not having that fuction,keep up the good work!
  11. zenmor

    Show names

    yer this feature would be a good edition to the game!
  12. one thing i have quickly thought of,differant spawn locations,the fighting is always centerd across from the malibu,it seems like a waste of a whole city
  13. i like the idea of people being in the shops,mainly Ammunation,being able to get weapons and more off them,would be good.
  14. well i had to make sure
  15. by the way incase you don't guess i am talking about MTA:VC. i was not sure if i got this across, thanx
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