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  1. You, sir, are a hero. My saviour in desperate times. You just deserved my everlasting gratitude. Thanks man
  2. Hello, I've been battling this problem I'm having for a while now, but I failed to figure it out. It's a script that replaces some models in GTA with some of my own (a building), and also places some original GTA models into that building. For some reason I can't rotate the original GTA parts. --[[************************************************************************** * * PROJECT: RobbieG-NL * LICENSE: * FILE: :RobbieG-NL/client/burjKhalifa/burj.lua * PURPOSE: Creation and model replacment functions for the Burj Khalifa. * DEVELOPERS: John Lillis <ques
  3. Lmao, never mind that. I figured it out. By interior objects I meant the standard GTA interiors that are used in houses, for example: ID 14502 Turns out I can now simple add lines under the coordinates for ID's 1915. Thanks a lot. If you ever need a model of anything, just let me know and I'll do what I can for you. I can make them small in kb's or very detailed with more kb's. Any way you like it. Thanks a lot for all your time, effort and patience.
  4. Hahaha, nice. I've had something else working in the meantime, but that required me to copy/paste most of the script 4 times. This is a much cleaner way to do it. Thanks a million. Got another question though: can I add interior objects in this same lua script? If so, how? Or would it be better to do that in a new file? Again, if so, how?
  5. I decided to make a new topic for my new problem: viewtopic.php?f=91&t=50546 It's about the same model, but a different script. I need to get the rotations for the various parts in order, but so far I've had no success with it. If there's an easier way to do it, by editing the script above, I'm pleased to know about that.
  6. Hello, Today I finally made this show my model in MTA (viewtopic.php?f=91&t=50434&p=493519). Unfortunately I can't get the seperate parts to be rotated in the correct way. I can only rotate the first part (line 2, by changing the 0 into another number for degrees). What I want to do is give the 4 seperate parts their own rotation. I'm pretty sure line 3 has something to do with it, but since I am a total idiot/n00b when it comes to coding, I'm not sure at all. Been trying for some hours now, in numerous ways, but so far, without any success. What am I missing here? local modelsToR
  7. Lol, I found out why: I had to replace line 13 (local texture = engineLoadTXD("castle/castle.txd")) with this: local texture = engineLoadTXD("castle.txd") Same with the lines for the col and dff (15 and 16). So it works now ^^ Thanks a lot for the input. I've got a new question though, but I will try to figure it out myself first. Thanks a lot so far
  8. This is the info given to me by "debugscript 3": WARNING: castle\castle.lua:12: Load error @ 'engineLoadTXD'(unable to load "castle/castle.txd'] WARNING: castle\castle.lua:13: Bad 'txd' pointer @ 'engineImportTXD'(1) WARNING: castle\castle.lua: 14: Load error @ 'engineLoadCOL' (Unable to load "castle/castle.col'] WARNING: castle\castle.lua: 15: Load error @ 'engineLoadDFF' (Unable to load "castle/castle.dff'] WARNING: castle\castle.lua: 16: Bad 'col' pointer @ 'engineImportCOL'(1) WARNING: castle\castle.lua: 17: Bad 'dff' pointer @ 'engineImportModel'(1) WARNING: castle\castle.lua: 21
  9. Indeed it did. The other stuff is a term set by BinaryHead, the main scripter of the Full Theft Auto server. Here is his post about that:
  10. The error I get is that it only shows the original model 1915, which is a pokerchip. This script works fine (in un-edited version) for another model I made: a race track. Replacing this model with a simpler script works fine, but then I have to place it on the map with runcode. This is the simpler script that works: function loadCastle() local texture = engineLoadTXD("Castle.txd") engineImportTXD(texture, 1915) local collision = engineLoadCOL("Castle.col") local model = engineLoadDFF("Castle.dff", 1915) engineReplaceCOL(collision, 1915) engineReplaceModel(mode
  11. Hello, Last week I've finished a model I've been creating (a castle) to place into the Full Theft Auto server. There is a script involved that is meant to put the model in a fixed position. I've edited a script that's used for another model of mine, to work for this castle. But for some reason it only shows the original model 1915 (a pokerchip) on the place where the castle should be. Can somebody tell me where I made a mistake and how to correct it? I've been trying and trying, but nothing worked for me so far. Also, Id like to add 3 more locations for that model in the same script. And I'd
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