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  1. Yes.. I did. But they said they dont find an issue there..
  2. Hello there I am using a connection via USB Tethering from my android phone. I cant access to the default gateway IP address, either it is taking too long to respond or it says the ip refused to connect. So I tried port forwarding by my phone using Port Forwarder app. Still I had no luck. I tried resetting my LAN properties and everything else I saw on google.. But no matter how much I try I can't find the right solution. So I would really appreciate your help if you could help me find a way to open ports by USB Tethering or via Hotspot. I would be really thankful. If you need any more de
  3. Hey thanks @Anubhav I found it easy to use. But how do I host my server there? I mean how to port forward in that..? I tried googling but I couldn't find any answers there. Could you help me with this?
  4. Yes the VPN. But I dont know how to use one and. I dont have any previous knowledge about it either. That's why I am looking for a free host. Anyway.. Could you help me to setup a VPN?
  5. Hello there. I am trying to open up a server for just a few days so that I could invite some players to test something I have been working on. I tried hosting it in my PC but I couldn't port forward since I couldn't login to my router panel. It says "Connection is taking too long" and not opening at all. So I decided to look for free/trial servers to host my script. But as you all know most of them are scammers... So if anyone knows any good free hosting/trial hosting game host. Please do take your time to suggest me. Thanks.
  6. I agree with you guys.. but its for my friend and thanks for the tip.
  7. But I have seen textured maps in samp servers.. How do they do it then?
  8. Hello there, I am beginner mapper, currently I am good at the map editor. But I see a lot of maps with textures here and I want to texture a building and then add it to a samp server. Since I am new to this.. I wish someone could give me a guide. THANKS.
  9. Thanks for the help mate. I figured it out. Somehow my antivirus used my firewall to block some servers I gave access to MTA. After that it was normal. Thank you for replying, these days many don't care to help @Dutchman101
  10. Hello guys sorry for that title, last time I posted a topic no body didnt even care Well I am trying to connect to FFS Gaming through 2 laptops working on the same wifi connection unfortunatley I cant see the server in the list neither can I connect through the Server IP. Is there any way I can play it? I want to play it with my sister
  11. Hi there I was fine playing and one day when I opened MTA it shows that small rectangle box in the centre(loading) after that it closes automatically/ Help plz
  12. Hi there, I installed MTA 1.5.2 in my PC. When I open the game, everything starts normally. But, when I open the "SERVER BROWSER"(Servers list), no servers are shown there. I exactly don't know what is this issue, I tried reinstalling MTA still its the same. In case its a problem with the setup file I downloaded, I already have the setup of MTA 1.4. I installed it and the same problem appears there too. I can connect using IP address but the server doesn't show in the "Internet" tab. Any idea how to fix this?
  13. DoMiNiCkT


    I want to script like in my Dm Race server that if until the last player die the nxt map should start automatically in default it whrn the 2nd last player die the vote map starts how yo change it ???! Help me plzxxxxz
  14. Can someone give me some old school maps plz give me all u got plzzz
  15. DoMiNiCkT

    server host

    hi could anyone plz host my server for free plzzzzzzzzzz
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