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  1. Just useless data. Don't make me so what it is. I can think of four ways to do it, what do you guys think? 1. triggerServerEvent. 2. triggerClientEvent > triggerServerEvent. 3. setElementData ( element, key, true ) 4. output to xml and read the data server side. Any good, any of them?
  2. Race requires ModifyOtherObjects in ACL also. I was follow something up I said earlier, don't worry about that bit
  3. haybail

    Script help

    getRootElement is in clientside too. You only make them server and client side in the meta, before you start the resource. By default, there serverside. onMarketHit, if you use getRoot it will trigger everytime someone hits a marker. However if you use the name of a marker, then it will only trigger when an element hits that specific marker. Thats what getRoot is for. Sort of all, or everything ( getRoot ) or specific ( a name ). onMarketHit, getRootElement(), onMarkerHit - will trigger for all markers marker = createMarker (0, 5, 1, "cylinder", 3, 255, 0, 0, 175) onMarkerHit, marker, onMa
  4. And if I couldn't? If for some reason the function broke or data was getting lost. If I had to get them client side, hypothetically. What would be the best way.
  5. haybail

    Script help

    I'm not sure exactly but I usually look at the information after eof. like the line number etc, and the error. Um, I think you forgot the "" around cylinder. And the comma at the end may be a problem.
  6. I dont want to say, its stupid. You will laugh at me But not that. There are some events I use clientSide that arn't serverSide but there not completly necessary. Just if you can, see if you can help me with this question, if not its ok. I'll figure something out If I wanted to, what is the best way of retrieving data from clients as fast and smoothly as possible? Regular data, pretend the player is walking and I want to send information back everytime the player walks so far a distance, sometimes twice or three times faster than 450ms. What is the best way of getting that data from the
  7. Oh I see what you do! You put your resource under one of the groups, instead of adding the Defaults one by one as you go. DUH! I quess I never really looked before But back on topic, when you try the map editors did you try race? Race also requires the same function. Normally the first function people enable, I think.
  8. haybail

    Script help

    if you have $500 and you use givePlayerMoney, it will plus it on so say you do givePlayerMoney $250 it will be $500 + $250 = $750. Same but opposite for takePlayerMoney. setPlayerMoney doesn't and it will set the money as whatever you say so if you do $5000 and have on you $750 it will put it at $5000. If it was givePlayerMoney it would be $5750.
  9. The map editor in deathmatch? Is not released at the moment. I can't remember exactly what the message is when you click on it. Race has an older map editor which is included but you may have to switch some files around if you download 1.1.2. Its recommended you download and install 1.1.1 and then 1.1.2 on top of that.
  10. Oh um, the problem is, as I use it so heavily so often, it becomes unreliable and damaging to the server. And the reason I use it so much is to tell the server exactly what the client is doing. I thought it would be ok since its such a tiny peice of data. Like the server updating the players position. Is there a better way of transferring data between the client and the server so often without hurting it so much?
  11. Mmm, i'd still like to know You know I once used names to store information under knowing the risk. I waited for players to figure it out. At first one guy got it, he emailed me to tell me, nice guy. I told him to keep it hush. And then eventually someone got it who had bad intentions and started stealing accounts. Lol. And then it spread, quicker and quicker. So I switched to serials. But I think its fun to leave quirks and see how well players catch on. Normally there quite quick but sometimes they take a while. But I quess i'd rather take the risk and find out than play it safe all the
  12. But there restricted to admins Of course if you enable them... is that what they mean? So functions are safe. Speaking of this stuff, is there a /mute command. In the acl theres one but mute does nothing. Was it removed?
  13. haybail

    Script help

    Good idea. its a little difficult at first but as you get it you'll get quicker. it becomes so easy u forget why u didn't get it in the first place
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