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  1. I make fresh install of GTA:SA, without any mods and still same problem.
  2. Snake [PL] is my nick on server. As you can see: https://i.imgur.com/vu9Ltol.png
  3. I got this problem even without shader. There's some problem with this explosion. Before update everything works fine.
  4. I got problem with shaders... IDK why and when this happend.
  5. I start resource and nothing. There's info about shader, but doesn't work. There's any command or something?
  6. Ok, you add there infernus, but he also doesn't work. On f2 you got panel, but it's doesn't work.
  7. I put this on server, but doesn't work. any ideas? I'm newbie with mta server stuff
  8. I got problem... When I want to join I need update mta, but I have newest... Yesterday works correctly... Other servers works ok. Maybe you do something with this??
  9. Ok. I found solution. There was object from SAMP who blocked objects in Code... To close
  10. Hi. I got problem with editor. I make interior with mta+samp object. When I put this interior on server (they have SA:Mp Walls) I recognize it's different IDs of object. Easy peasy... I put file .map to "main" MTA and I edit there, but there's problem... In .map there's alots of objects (120+), but editor load only maybe 15 of them... IDK what I must do. Now I make fresh reinstall without settings etc. Maybe this help. [Edit] Ok... Still nothing. I show you code and screen... http://imgur.com/a/3Xwo6 and code: Maybe I add something, who block rest of objects fr
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