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  1. Here's points system I use on my DD server. Everything works good except one thing. Example: 5 players on the server 1. 4 points, 8$ - good 2. 4 points, 8$ - <=== wrong, should be 3 points, 6$ 3. 2 points, 4$ - good 4. 1 point, 2$ - good 5. Gets 0 points, 0 money - good What is wrong? What do I change to make it work properly? g_Root = getRootElement() -- Config section minPlayers = 5 soundsCount = 74 -- Script variables local totalPlayers = 0 local tripleDamages = false -- When our resource start and stop function resourceStart(res) sql = mysql_connect("ce
  2. I'd like to ask for help, I have this text in the left bottom corner mapdisplay = dxText:create('#aeaeaeMap: none', 2, screenHeight - dxGetFontHeight(0.7, 'bankgothic')/0.5, false, 'bankgothic', 0.7, 'left'), nextdisplay = dxText:create('#aeaeaeNext map: none', 2, screenHeight - dxGetFontHeight(0.7, 'bankgothic')/1, false, 'bankgothic', 0.7, 'left') And I'd like to add some black outline to this text, how do I make it?
  3. Hey, I'm using race_nos2 script (http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=2133) on my DD server but I want to change one thing. How do I change it so the default gauge visibility is set to off? I'm using another script for nitro bar so that's why I want to change it. If someone could help I'd be grateful.
  4. Hi, this is my rankingboard RankingBoard = {} RankingBoard.__index = RankingBoard RankingBoard.clientInstances = {} function RankingBoard:create() local result = { id = #RankingBoard.clientInstances + 1, items = {} } RankingBoard.clientInstances[result.id] = true clientCall(g_Root, 'RankingBoard.create', result.id) result.joinHandler = function() result:playerJoined(source) end addEventHandler('onPlayerJoin', getRootElement(), result.joinHandler) return setmetatable(result, self) end function RankingBoard:clientCall(player, fn, ...) clientCal
  5. Hey - I'm making DD server and I have one question. How do I make it so it plays sounds at the end of every round?
  6. Hi, this is chat infobot I own -- wiadomosci local messages = { "Check out our forum - #fbaf17", "Type #ff5000/nos nfs #ffff00for NFS Nos, or #ff5000/nos normal #ffff00for Normal NOS", } local r,g,b = 255,255,0 -- default color; #ffff00 local stime = 210 -- time in seconds setTimer( function() local msg = messages[math.random(1,#messages)] outputChatBox( msg, getRootElement(), r, g, b, true ) end, stime*1000,0 ) This
  7. Hi, I'm making a server and I have a question, how do I turn those things off?
  8. Witam, jak w nazwie tematu, poszukuję osoby która potrafiłaby napisać kilka skryptów do serwera Destruction Derby. Jeśli ktoś jest zainteresowany i chciałby poznać szczegóły to prosiłbym o kontakt na skype: taquito.pl lub steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/t4quito
  9. Nie używając panelu, tylko komendy? Weźmy taki przykład: /mute nick powód 3600 - to mute na godzinę, a czas jest podany w sekundach. I teraz pytanie - czy idzie inaczej wpisać mutowanie na x minut, x godzin, x dni, czy można tylko sekundami?
  10. I want to reset all of my statistics. I want to be like new player on the server. Is it possible?
  11. I'd like to make a "new start" on some server (server doesn't require registration). Is it possible to reset my points without reinstalling my operating system? If it is: how?
  12. Witam, czy jest możliwość wyzerowania swoich punktów na danym serwerze (lub we wszystkich serwerach), bez potrzeby reinstalowania windowsa?
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