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  1. Ab-47

    Won't let me join servers

    What message do you get? Connection Timed Out? Or does MTA crash?
  2. Ab-47


    Try this, not entirely sure what your issue is but from what I gathered, maybe the level variable was getting set constantly with the loop by all players so pack them in a table and maybe it would give an individual value. level = {} function evade(player) for theKey,thePlayer in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do level[thePlayer] = getPlayerWantedLevel ( thePlayer ) if ( level[thePlayer] > 1 ) then triggerClientEvent(thePlayer,"StartEvadeTimer",thePlayer) end end end setTimer(evade,1000,1)
  3. Ab-47

    [HELP] How to fix this bug in render target?

    Do you experience any lag? And is there anything cancelling the rendering in your script? Best way we could help is if you posted a bit of the code which renders the display.
  4. Ab-47

    The last reply

    Really think you won? Think again.. 🤣
  5. Ab-47

    [HELP] Close Smoke Script

    Try this: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/CreateEffect To enable/disable just create the effect and destroyElement I guess. Try come up with a code and see if there's any issues, if there is you can post it here and I'll try help you out.
  6. Ab-47

    MTA Forum is back online and with a new look!

    Great work guys, finally you got a new theme and it looks way more modern than the old 19th century style Other than the fact that I have to login again and again, everything's great, gotta get used to allot now :3
  7. Ab-47


    A thread on CIT forums has just what you need. https://cit2.net/index.php?topic=130604.0
  8. Ab-47

    HELP // Tactics Gamemode

    Can you be more precise, I'm sorry but I merely understand your situation. Do you mean a players IP is output when they join? If so, check for the root directory of your gamemode and find the script that functions the onPlayerLogin to output.
  9. Ab-47

    text message on player position

    It still don`t work ... Maybe there are some another errors? Can you paste your client sided code please.
  10. Ab-47

    player blip not working

    If the name of your team in your script is something other than "Axis" then change "Axis" to whatever the team is called.
  11. Ab-47

    text message on player position

    addEventHandler( "checkPlayerPos", getRootElement(), checkPlayerPos)
  12. Ab-47

    [Solved] Table inside of a table

    Sorry for taking the show here but you can also do this: playerTable = { number = {}, otherData = {}, } function _(plr) if (playerTable) then local data, data2, randomNumber = "Hello World", "Hello MTA", math.random(5,25) playerTable.otherData[plr] = {data, data2} playerTable.number[plr] = {randomNumber} end end addCommandHandler("insert", _) function o_(plr) if (playerTable.otherData[plr] and playerTable.number[plr]) then outputChatBox(playerTable.otherData[plr][1]..", "..playerTable.otherData[plr][2]..", "..playerTable.number[plr][1], plr) end end addCommandHandler("outputdata", o_) Just randomly created this as an example, code should output "Hello World, Hello MTA, (some random number from 5-25)" Not tested.
  13. Ab-47

    text message on player position

    I'm trying to assemble a script " driver's license " and maybe there is no such ) In general , here's the script: function checkPlayerPos() if playerPos(radararea) then outputChatBox ( "Hello", driver, 0, 255, 0, true ) end end addEvent( "checkPlayerPos", true ) addEventHandler( "checkPlayerPos", getRootElement(), startExamingC ) Do you realise you're not triggering the correct function? addEventHandler( "checkPlayerPos", getRootElement(), startExamingC )
  14. Ab-47

    [HELP] respawnVehicle

    veh would be selecting all vehicles existing which would probably return the function because some elements may not be exploding, sync issues. Try respawnVehicle(source) instead of "veh"
  15. Ab-47

    player blip not working

    local medicsTeam = createTeam("Axis",255,0,0)