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  1. Hey, When you're not moving your mouse while driving a vehicle, your camera will start to move back to the original "behind the vehicle" view. Is there any way I could cancel out that camera movement? I was working on something that allows the player to target a hydra while flying one himself (kinda like the GTA5 target/focus one), so it would be easier to fight each other. I made a small video explaining my problem, I hope that explains it a bit better. I really appreciate any help you can provide.
  2. --syntax attachElements ( element theElement, element theAttachToElement, [ float xPosOffset, float yPosOffset, float zPosOffset, float xRotOffset, float yRotOffset, float zRotOffset ] ) attachElements (createMarker, vehicle,xPosOffset,yPosOffset,zPosOffset) This should help
  3. I accidently pressed spacebar once, the function was correct, setElementCollisionsEnabled worked. Thanks a lot!
  4. WARNING: 3d_musicspeakers\server.lua:6: Bad argument @'attachElements' [Expected element at argument 2, got nil] Any suggestions to fix that?
  5. By placing the speaker, it will bug into the player that is driving. By slowing down the car, your cam will be bugged into the speaker.
  6. Hey, I've tried to add the function of moveObject. When i use the command "/placespeaker" while sitting in the car, it will bug. So i tried to move it to the back of the car, but it seems that it does'nt work. It does'nt give any errors or warnings in the debugscript. Could anyone help me? Best regards, Shuvit. -- Server Side function createSpeaker(thePlayer) local x, y, z = getElementPosition(thePlayer) speakerObject = createObject(2232, x, y, z-0. outputChatBox("You have Succesfully created a speaker!", thePlayer, 0, 250, 0) if (isPedInVehicle(thePlayer)) then
  7. Show us the script, else we can't try to fix it.
  8. There is a resource called: "Interiors" Just add the cordinates of the 2 markers and start the resource.
  9. Try "Camera Tool" by ZenoS
  10. How can i set my fps limit higher to 60 on my mapping server? Greetings , Shuvit#
  11. Shuvit

    Help Needed

    Shuvit here ! I got a problem with a script, its called: Ghost Driver. It allows the server to add a recorded top time sprint for each race track. The ghost racer will be shown for all racers when a race is in progress and can be competed with for a better top time. Some guys in the server didnt like it because they couldnt hide it with any key.. So, my question is: How can i add a bind/key ( G or F7 ) to hide the ghost driver? Here is a link of the Ghost Driver: http://mtasource.net/262-download-resource-race-ghost-dm.html If someone isnt busy and he likes to make it for me (: Contact me
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