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  1. I don't think it should be possible or at least I don't see anything wrong in the code. You can put some debug outputChatBox messages in the client side function and stay away from the boss while someone else fights with it and see if it detects you to damage the boss somehow. It's not cool if the guy you test it with is joking. Ask him for a screenshot of the reward message. BTW some optimization you can do: in the server side you have 2 triggerClientEvent calls. You can easily merge them to a one. For example "onBossEventEnd" whidh will include all the stuff from the 2 fun
  2. Hey, I played a little bit with the world sounds and found some stuff. Here is what I found: IDs 55 and 51 of the group 5 (weapons) are the reloading sounds for the pistols. But its different for the other types of weapons. For example the AK47 reload sound ID is 31. It will take some time to find them all tho since there is no (or at least I didn't find one) list of the sound IDs from each group. local allowedSoundIDs = { -- all the punching IDs are here, just find the reload sounds of all weapons and add them 9, 28, 31,32,34,35, 45,46,47,48, 50,51,54,55,56,57,
  3. Hello, As long as it is not higher than 60 FPS it should be pretty much fine. You can see what's the recommended FPS limit and the possible issues if the FPS is too high at this link.
  4. Hello and welcome to the forums! Could you run MTADiag and paste the coppied URL here.
  5. Welcome to the forums! The function to restart resources is restartResource. You need to pass it a resource element so you could use getResourceFromName. Example: restartResource(getResourceFromName("testResource")) Note: Don't forget that restartResource requires admin rights!
  6. Hello, I don't know if you know about this feature but you can create a shortcut on your desktop with the server IP and port and when you run it you will get connected to the server right after the game loaded. Shortcut path: mtasa://serverIP:serverPort Example: mtasa:// I think this might be useful to you as you mentioned you only play on one server and it's fastest way to get into a server (skipping all the menu browsing part).
  7. SpecT


    And did you try what I suggested ?
  8. SpecT


    Welcome to the forums! This is the right section to post a topic about such problems but it would be nice if you write in English. If you have a problem with that you can post in the Turkish section where people knowing your language could help. Now on topic: do you get this error on every server or on specific ones ? You can start by downloading THIS executable file and run it as Administrator. Then restart your PC and try again to connect to a server.
  9. Hello, First thing you can do is to download and run MTADiag. Then post the coppied URL here.
  10. Hello and welcome to the forums! You can use MTA's anti-cheat to prevent such things. This guide might be useful to you: link
  11. Welcome to the forums! This seems to be caused by the AR localization (language). Something is messed up in the code. Try with reinstalling MTA or just switch to English language.
  12. SpecT


    Could you run again the MTADiag to see if it still can't read it.
  13. SpecT


    You need to replace "userprofile" with the name of your Windows profile. There is an easier way: Locate to C:\Windows\Fonts and then drag the verdana.tff (the downloaded one) file into this folder. It will install it if it's missing.
  14. SpecT

    CD16 Error

    Well okay but it has no sense to be a problem from MTA if it happens only when you try to join their server.. Have you tried to use a VPN ? There are free ones with which you could test.
  15. Oh, my bad... getTeamName gets the name of a team element not player's team name. function stage100() setTimer(stage110, 10000, 1) for i, c in ipairs(alliedteams) do for k, v in ipairs(getPlayersInTeam(getTeamFromName((c)[1]))) do if isElementWithinColShape(v, rc) then local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( v ) if theVehicle then outputChatBox("#54F764[Rescue-Mission]: #FF0000Warning! You are in a vehicle, get off your vehicle to earn progress!", v, 255, 0, 0, true) else triggerClientEvent("draw100", v) end end end end local playersIn
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