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  1. -- Eugh, a doublepost! My bad. --
  2. Owner of the bad mobster server speaking. Toff here was demoted from Moderator because he was being immature, and so this is how he reacts. He's 14 years old so not particularly surprised. So yeah, love. <3
  3. Hello, I was messing with the code of some time resources (realtime and a larger time resource that set the in-game time client side to player times), however I am not very savvy with the .LUA world, and so I gave up. Now, however, it seems that the time text supposed to be above my health bars is gone, and the in-game time does not move at all. It's day all the time. Changing time in the admin panel does not have any effect whatsoever. How can I get it back and working as normal?
  4. Basically Amanda came on some, logged off, and then made me look like Satan's Child and started to open the old server because I was a potential threat and could do better than her. It's quite funny, actually. The old server is still shit. Also, nobody is hacking the XDM server from my knowledge.
  5. Maybe Amanda should just shape the fuck up and be the better server? The better servers get more members. I don't even know how to script, she does. Since you're so superior over there, why not just get better instead of bashing on other servers? You turned your back on me, twat. EDIT: I like how you are mentioning Caso, when he actually hacked our server and got it down for like 10 minutes. ;D EDIT2: Changed server name yesterday, hoarding players atm. lol.
  6. Absolute bullshit. The old server was going down as the owner did not want to pay anymore, fine then, I'll recreate it under the same banner and work on the server in the absence of the old owner. Suddenly, Amanda (the old owner) returns to paying, and bans me from the server (and now the guys licking her pussy are reporting me), apparently for "stealing members" off of the proposed DEAD server, that I was trying to revive. It's not really stealing members, is it? I agreed with an owner of XDM (HuX) that XDM was dead, and we'd just let XDM people join proDRIFT if they wanted to. Cheers XDM
  7. This is for Freeroam Server,not race. It is a freeroam server, I did not mention it was a race server in that quote at all.
  8. Thank you, Castillo! So unlike the ones who created the old threads and got it working, I'm gonna explain others who seek help how to do it: here is everything you need: server.lua file (edit in notepad, save as .lua) function toggleGodMode ( thePlayer ) local account = getPlayerAccount ( thePlayer ) if ( not account or isGuestAccount ( account ) ) then return end local accountName = getAccountName ( account ) if ( isObjectInACLGroup ( "user.".. accountName, aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) ) then local state = ( not getElementData ( thePlayer, "invin
  9. Well alright, written by yourself under "server" and "client", I called the script files simply "server.lua,", and "client.lua". For the godmode: server: function toggleGodMode(thePlayer) local account = getPlayerAccount(thePlayer) if (not account or isGuestAccount(account)) then return end local accountName = getAccountName(account) if ( isObjectInACLGroup ( "user.".. accountName, aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) ) then if getElementData(thePlayer,"invincible") then setElementData(thePlayer,"invincible",false) outputChatBox("God Mode is now Disabled.",thePlayer,0,255,0
  10. So basically what the title says. I Googled and got to many threads on the forum, copying Castillo's many scripts, and having my friend write a meta.xml for them. (I have no clue of all this). In-game, however, I could get the "Godmode has been Enabled" thingie in the chatbox, but it had no effect. My admin friend and I could still kill each other. We added the resource (called it godmode) to the admin ACL but it did not help. Could someone throw in a script here that includes a command + an Admin-only check? Thanks a lot for helping out tarded me. EDIT: How come /warp and /goto do not wo
  11. Something here?: http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Shader_examples The "HDR" maybe?
  12. So basically I just installed the bbullets resource (exploding bullets), and I want to make it admin-only. I am a -COMPLETE IDIOT-, so please treat me as such when you explain, what I have tried so far: - adding "command.bbullets" to the admin ACL rights. - adding "resource.blowing_bullets" to the admin ACL Have found some scripts that I put into the resource's code, but well. I am doing it completely wrong. Original code, server.lua function bulletexplosion (hitX, hitY, hitZ) createExplosion ( hitX, hitY, hitZ, 2 ) end addEventHandler("bulletboom",getRootElement(),bulletexpl
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