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  1. Hello guys, I've brought a server in Vortexservers.com, but I'm having some problems with my server scripts, because I don't know anything about scripting, so, I'm looking a good scripter to help me, I can give you admin of my server or w/e you want (in-game). I wanna make a RP server, I got many cool ideas for it, if you're up, contact me !
  2. Hello guys, I found the valhalla gamemode, I set it up but I don't know how to register it, it says to register in website, but I don't have any website, how can I make a manual register ? By command console or anything like that...
  3. Ohhh , but do you know where can I download it ? I really liked it, seens I've no option
  4. Sorry friend, but I don't which file you're talking about, resource settings ? How do I check if it connects with somewhere ?
  5. Does someone have it ? Can you please post here the download link ?
  6. So, I saw some roleplays servers, and they've all the same gamemode, one of them is the "Dice gaming roleplay", which gamemode is that ? Thanks
  7. How can I check that ? Do you have skype or teamviewer ?
  8. Hello guys, I'm having some problems to configure a roleplay server, can someone who've skype or teamviewer (or both) help me ? Someone who knows about myphpadmin, that'll be awesome, I'm trying to configure this shit since yesterday, but no sucess, thanks a lot.
  9. Thanks a lot Solidsnake14, I downloaded but I didn't like, but thanks for your help.
  10. If you pay a teacher to teach me I can learn it, otherwise shut up. If you're here to help, help, if you're here to fuck up, just leave.
  11. Hello guys, I downloaded Fort Carson Roleplay but It's toooo hard to set it up, does anyone knows a stable roleplay gamemode which is not hard to configure ?
  12. So, I replaced all localhost in mysql folder, and from settings.xml and It still not working...
  13. If your service is a SA:MP or a Minecraft/Tekkit server, your MySQL information is as follows. MySQL Database: HeitorBdb MySQL Username:HeitorB MySQL Password: MySQL Hostname: mysql.vortexservers.com MySQL Port: 3306 URL to phpMyAdmin: http://mysql.vortexservers.com/phpmyadmin/ Thank you for choosing Vortex Servers
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