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  1. Got an even better version now. Skype is now Bradley.Sean.Adams Changelog: http://pastebin.com/raw/9LLBbyxQ Price? Make me an offer. Will only be selling it to one person to keep the exclusivity.
  2. Decided to call an end to my project so I've decided to sell my gamemode I was working on, it's a very heavily modified well known base, runs very smooth, has some beautiful mapping left in it, completely new vehicle system, fuel system, weapon licensing system etc. It will require a few things touching up so if you're not experienced with LUA, don't bother attempting to contact me. I'm not asking much for it, just enough for the troubles and hours I put in. seven60two is my Skype if you'd like to contact me to make an offer or request a changelog/feature log.
  3. Then leave them if you don't like it lol.
  4. Are you REALLY complaining about how GOOD the MTA anti-cheat is? Jesus Christ.
  5. Oooh, that makes sense I guess. How about streaming? Does that make any difference? Is there any way to use .maps without them being stored on the client?
  6. Hey, just looking into something that has never really bothered me before, but now I'd like my server maps to be hidden and not accessible, so I thought now would be the time to ask. What are the differences between using .map or server-sided createObject? Is there any difference in streaming, or performance? Thanks.
  7. Is there any way at all to check the material/ground of which a player is standing on? Ie; check if the player is standing on grass, or dirt? Thanks.
  8. Forrest


    Suppose basic math would work to create my own function too haha, thanks pal.
  9. Forrest


    Say I have 2 values, 20 and 40. I need to work out the percentage that 20 is of 40, and return 50%. How do? Thanks.
  10. Haha, yeah. A buddy pointed it out a little while after posting this. Lord knows how I missed it, probably because I was tired. Thanks though pal, made a quick fix and voila, working perfect.
  11. Having a few problems with toJSON since MTA 1.4. I'm currently working on my handling system once again, and since 1.4 certain vehicles will not create the JSON string correctly. For instance, if I save a Ranchers handling I will end up with: [ [ 2500, 7604.2001953125, 2.5, [ 0, 0, -0.34999999403953552 ], 80, 0.69999998807907104, 0.85000002384185791, 0.54000002145767212, 5, 170, 8, 5, "rwd", "petrol", 7, 0.40000000596046448, false, 25, 0.34999999403953552, 0.079999998211860657, 0, 0.44999998807907104, 0.10000000149011612, 0.40000000596046448, 0.30000001192092896, 0.43999999761581421, 0.34999
  12. Forrest

    Blood pool

    Is there any function(s) to produce the pool of blood that a dead ped produces? I've had a quick look but can't find nothing, though I am half asleep mind... Thanks
  13. Nope, since the vehicles need a trailer hitch dummy. And without the dummy, it would try to attach to the vehicle's parent node which is typically at the bottom of the car in the center. I never tried to get it that far. I had not realized it would do as such. Though I do know that even if you were to move the parent dummy to the trailer hitch position you would then have a car with broken handling & very buggy. Personally I feel this suggestion could open up a tonne of possibilities.
  14. At no point there have you even attempted to attach it.
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