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  1. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! You know i've always felt that something like this has always been missing in MTA. I for one find it quite annoying to find a server of my choice without having to join at least three to four servers before that. And this kind of happened recently when i thought about checking out a DayZ server but after seeing so many servers out there, i eventually gave up and continued playing at the server that i usually play in. So yeah, this is definitely a really good suggestion and i really hope it's taken into consideration Btw, how about allowing players to vote for the servers
  2. Like i had mentioned in skype, i would use dxDrawImageSection and then animate it using interpolateBetween. And to make it loop after it completes one cycle, i reset the tick count to make it start all over again. This is the first time i have attempted something like this so i might be wrong about this or there might be a much simpler and better alternative. But anyway, it worked for me. Check out the code and give it a try :3 local visibleState = false function handleRender() local now = getTickCount() local elapsedTime = now - start local duration = 2000 local progress = elapsedTi
  3. Oh my bad. Anyway, try this: setTimer(function () for i,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if isPlayerInTeam( v, "Police" ) and getPlayerWantedLevel(v) <= 6 then setPlayerWantedLevel (v,0) end end end,50,0)
  4. local chat = true function chatDis(thePlayer) if not chat then outputChatBox("#E3E8B7Chat is already disabled",thePlayer,255,255,255,true) return end local accName = getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( thePlayer ) ) if isObjectInACLGroup ("user."..accName, aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) then outputChatBox("#E3E8B7The chat has been disabled by "..getPlayerName(thePlayer)..".",root,255, 255, 255, true) chat = false end end addCommandHandler("chatoff", chatDis) function chatEn(thePlayer) if chat then outputChatBox("#E3E8B7Chat is already enabled",thePl
  5. No i do get what you're trying to do. As per the code that i've given you, if the source(attacker) is not in the police team but if the target is then the source's wanted level will be increased. Isn't that what you want? Btw, wiki says that onPlayerTarget also gets triggered when the player is no longer aiming at something. I'm a little skeptical about my approach now. Ill try coming up with an alternative :3
  6. Firstly, source and thePlayer are not defined and secondly that is not the correct syntax for setTimer. Anyway, i have never used this event before but i guess this should do the job. Hope it works for you lol. addEventHandler ( "onPlayerTarget",root, function (target) if not getElementType(target) == "player" then return end -- Ignore if the target is not a player if (getPlayerTeam(target) == getTeamFromName("Police")) and (getPlayerTeam(source) ~= getTeamFromName("Police")) then -- If the target is in the police team but the attacker isn't setPlayerWantedLevel(source,getPlaye
  7. Thanks again. You have helped me tremendously and i couldn't have asked for more. Cheers man!
  8. Thanks a lot Citizen. I really appreciate how you have answered all of my queries with such detail and with examples. Also, i'm going to take a note of all those tips that you have given me for use in the future. Atm, ill try working my way up by sorting out the loading-saving bit of the system within mta itself. Alright then, i'm going to use a single db file to sort out everything. Doubt i'll be keeping more than 15 tables so i'm glad you said 30+ lol. That seems like a simpler way of finding a particular entry in another table using a common id from the first table. So i'll store the
  9. Greetings! Just need few answers to few of my queries. But before i get to the questions, i would like to briefly explain what my motive is. So basically, i am trying to construct a fairly stable SQLite database management system kind of thingy. I have been going through the w3schools website for the past 3-4 days just to be sure of what i'm doing. Don't want to attempt doing something way out of my comprehension and then regretting even trying it out lol. Anyway, enough trashtalk. Here are my questions: Q1) How would you want to organize your db files ? Would you allot all the tables to a
  10. Getting a server with a decent number of slots is quite cheap but getting a scripter to code the entire gamemode, userpanel and a couple of other stuff is comparatively quite expensive
  11. As you can see there is no function defined for your onClientPreRender event. So what you got to do is that define the function something like this: function yourFunctionName () -- script stuff end addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", root,yourFunctionName) Now since you've defined your function, you can use removeEventHandler. I doubt there is any other way of getting this done. Is there ? :3 Probably someone else might come up with an alternative. Well, you could also define a particular global or local variable such as (local allowRender

    Please help me :)

    I highly doubt it. But why do you want it to be decrypted ? Give your players some privacy lol. But if you're really hellbent on being able to see the account's password, then you would have to create your own account system. And trust me, it's super easy to make one with SQLite. You can also use cancelEvent() to get rid of the login, logout and register commands.

    Please help me :)

    Yeah sqlitebrowser shows the player's ip as his password. Probably cause it's encrypted or something. I don't know tbh lol.
  14. Damn this is something really unique. Way to go Woovie!
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