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  1. cars , street lights and grass are still there
  2. thank you because i converted gta sa map to gta IV... and i want to try it now if it looks awsome ... you reply help me a lot ... close this topic :D
  3. Can Someone help me how to remove all maps on server? i mean removing all objects ... like map Cleaner .. thanks ..
  4. realy bad idea that i came here for help. e.e good day sir
  5. q = g , a = 4 , e = 3 , i replace sometimes the letters , for fun , my ex use that to me now its hard to remove that kind of typinq in me. dont mind it. e.e good niqht good guys
  6. dot call me idiot e.e or i kill you . i don't force ppl to do this .. i need ppl to manage only e.e. so shut up. if you don't care with this topic.
  7. i want to share this guys. visit my server:
  8. Advance Bot Version 1.0 Hi Guys I'm Doing Simple Script That Helps Newbies In Your Server Watch The Video I prefer . That's Just Only Example Of What She can do. The Best Thing That Makes the Script Unique Is she can Speak It . I mean she can Talk And she a girl And she can Do some Jokes He Act As A Un Existed Player her Name Is -D-][-Advance-Bot-Assistant Is it nice? well i need some use full question can you help me guys This is base in assist bot resource and i Upgrade it To talk do math get some informations count player and more Also she Can Answer
  9. Join Here : Change Quality To 360 p
  10. complaine if the server is still online even i reject you. you can called that , unfair and stealinq -,- , like i said i need helpinq hand not stealinq map and sript -,- , . If you still doubt ok fine then maybe someday someone can manaqe it. . I can wait.
  11. i have 3 staff that do map , they can help.
  12. its that your first impression to me? kickinq people after they did good?, well , you dont know me yet so dont judge me. . . its ok if you dont like , i will wait insted for people who can manage it. . . .
  13. If trial ends , and i see its not good lookinq And have shi-tty and buggy creation then i will reset the serverand delete his/her mod ^i have no experience in hostinq dm:race or dm , i just need help to manaqe it , because im manage my zday and my drift server , i need rest and helpinq hand for my other 2 server , i cant manaqe them all . lol^ if i verify the trial 2nd owner as the 2nd owner of that server , well have fun. it means i love your creation. and they can do what he want on that server. but remember dont f.u.c.k the server else .. ban. other server advertisement is not
  14. DM:RACE AND DM . Available server left.
  15. i will pick the name of the server and you can pick how many slots . i will give ftp access and fully admin riqhts , that admin riqhts works in which server you choose example DM:RACE your admin riqhts work there only ,and for some serves in zday and drift server you will be moderator.
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