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  1. Hit me up, got Skype?
  2. Try the example code
  3. You're a magician /pissoff
  4. This cracked me up lmfao, poetic? *claps*
  5. You're retarded for using that Antivirus. Add an exception in the AV, Google how. MTA doesn't have any malicious files, maybe you can use a proper AV and find out.
  6. umad?
  7. Post the error and the line number, I think I know what's wrong
  8. He isn't talking about speed, he's generally saying that numerical loops are what an "expert" coder should be using.. The correct answer to this is "It depends on your table, and what data do you need", you can't talk in general about this.
  9. "Look There's 3 kind of loops Ipairs - Pairs - Numerical If you're smart guy and you can think off a good structre. You will use rarely Pairs. And never or almost never Ipairs. If you're a medium guy on scripting. You will use Pairs most of the times, making use of numerical some times and ipairs also some times. And in my opinion the worst one, using Ipairs most of the times, pairs some times and numerical almost never." Some ignorant who's acting like a professional coder is saying this. please, give me your opinion on what he's saying.
  11. Haha Oh piss off! I loled so hard. @Angel02 hit me up on Skype: aboud.rockk, I'll see what you need, and I might be able to help you out
  12. Your signature says you're a "Lua Scripter", you shouldn't need anyone
  13. Hit me up here or on Skype: aboud.rockk Also, @Simple01, honestly, you're a :~ty coder as many people have already told you if you're going to offer your services, please, make them a bit decent.
  14. I think this is a very good idea and it should be added. 1. Because I said so.. 2. read #1
  15. Mother of indentation.. press "Tab" once a while.