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    Chat box

    sorry if this is not the place for asking this but is there any way to change the MTA chat box font size and get rid of the shadow i can barley read stuff in it depending where i am
  2. ok hereis the code and when i click the close button nothing happens -- show the interface function showMiningUI ( ) miningUI = guiCreateWindow(773, 426, 399, 205, "Mining", false) guiWindowSetSizable(miningUI, false) guiSetVisible (miningUI,false) guiSetAlpha(miningUI, 1.00) guiSetProperty(miningUI, "CaptionColour", "FF2FFF00") bStartMining = guiCreateButton(11, 121, 376, 66, "Start Mining", false, miningUI) bCancelMining = guiCreateButton(359, 26, 18, 15, "x", false, miningUI) guiSetProperty(bStartMining, "N
  3. my ui window wont close when i click the close button now, sorry im a noob at this function closeMiningUI(button, state) if (source==bCancelMining) and (button=="left") and (state=="down") then guiSetVisible(miningUI, false) destroyElement(miningUI) miningUI = nil showCursor(false) removeEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", getRootElement(), closeMiningUI) end end
  4. i cant seem to get the ui to appear when i click the rock any idea why server: function createMiningRock() miningRock = createObject(17026, 2343, -651, 125,0,0,0) end addEventHandler("onResourceStart",getRootElement(),createMiningRock) function rockClicked( theButton, theState, thePlayer ) if theButton == "right" and theState == "down" then outputChatBox( "You should have a window now", thePlayer ) triggerClientEvent("showMiningUI", getRootElement()) end end addEventHandler( "onElementClicked", getRootElement(), rockClicked ) [/code]
  5. oldnag

    handling line

    please someone can help me i really cant get this to work, or how do i get the handling.cfg to work so when ppl join the veh stats are what i set them i tryd the way thats on wiki but that way doesnt work
  6. oldnag

    handling line

    anyone got any ideas?
  7. oldnag

    handling line

    nah mate the car still the same as standard
  8. oldnag

    handling line

    as i want to change a few cars
  9. oldnag

    handling line

    ok so i put the handling line to lua converter and just wondering if in the "veh" do i put the car id for it to work or do i need more code here is what i have setVehicleHandling(veh, "mass", 1500) setVehicleHandling(veh, "turnMass", 4000) setVehicleHandling(veh, "dragCoeff", 2.2) setVehicleHandling(veh, "centerOfMass", { 0, 0.3, -0.15 } ) setVehicleHandling(veh, "percentSubmerged", 85) setVehicleHandling(veh, "tractionMultiplier", 0.7) setVehicleHandling(veh, "tractionLoss", 0.9) setVehicleHandling(veh, "tractionBias", 0.52) setVehicleHandling(veh, "numberOfGears", 5) setVehicleHan
  10. ok so i am having trouble with this, i have it in the resource folder added it to server config to startup but its just saysing resource could not be found, all the xmls are there. any ideas?
  11. oldnag

    Login music

    ok i tryed that mate but the music still plays after i spawn in function loginMusic () local sound = playSound("music.mp3", false) setSoundVolume(sound, 3.2) end addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", getRootElement(), loginMusic) function stopMySound ( ) if isElement ( sound ) then destroyElement ( sound ) end end addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerSpawn", localPlayer, stopMySound )
  12. oldnag

    Login music

    i have taken out the destry sound atm but still nothing playes when i join the login screen
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