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  1. the mta can replace weapons? txd = engineLoadTXD ( "skins/y.txd" ) engineImportTXD ( txd, x ) dff = engineLoadDFF ( "skins/y.dff", x ) engineReplaceModel ( dff, x ) ?
  2. Hi! How to do for police measuring the speed of a player pointing a deagle at him. All I know is that it will function onClientPlayerTarget Sorry for bad english.
  3. Someone help me to do this on the mysql?
  4. If he disconnect it would still be in jail, and will be based on the last saved data (accuracy = 1 minute). I could use what you wrote. But the little I know of the lua. I will not do it alone.
  5. Hi. On the gamemode mta paradise I would do prison time. I would like to do in the database the "jail" (table: characters). When the policeman enters a command /jail nickname time value in the database is changed to (for example) 30 (minutes). Function setTimer every minute changed to the value of the one below (if a player would be in the interior of the prison.). And when was the value to 0 to automatically moved him out of prison. function jailForTime ( thePlayer ) if ( getElementInterior(thePlayer) == 150 and getElementDimension(thePlayer) == 5000) then -- numbers is random expo
  6. How to get the name of the account, knowing only the name of the character in mta paradise?
  7. How to use the function setVehicleLocked to open all cars of a model 438 and 420 (taxi, cabbie)?
  8. Cześć. Mam kilka problemów z mta paradise. Te pogrubione to najważniejsze. 1. Jak zrobić kolorowe nicki dla frakcji? 2. Jak zrobić bramy dla frakcji? (żeby wystarczyło tylko dodać na f3 do frakcji i już działają komendy? 3. Jak pokazać nick postaci nad głową? na razie wyświetla się tylko jak postać siedzi w aucie. 4. Jak zrobić komendy? /repair, /sethealth, /freeze, /unfreeze, /mute, /unmute? W kolejności: dla pd, dla pogotowia, reszta dla policji.
  9. How to check if a player is in a faction (police)? For: policegate = createObject(10184,-1631.4000244141,688.5,8.6999998092651,0,0,270) function policeo (thePlayer) moveObject ( policegate, 300, -1631.4000244141,688.5,13) end addCommandHandler("op",policeo) function policec (thePlayer) moveObject ( policegate, 300, -1631.4000244141,688.5,8.6999998092651) end addCommandHandler("cp",policec)
  10. Hi. I've a few problems with mta paradise. 1. How to make colorful nicknames for factions? 2. How to make a gates for factions? 3. How to showed the nick of the character's head? 4. How to make a commands /repair for roadside assistance, /sethealth for medics, /freeze, /unfreeze, /mute, /unmute, /kick and /jail, /unjail for police? Sorry for bad english.
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