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  1. Yo guys, i've been playing MTA for about 3 years now and this is the first time this has happened ... Whenever i try to connect to any server, i get a Connection to the server has been lost error, [CD16] and i have no damn clue how to fix it. I redialed the PPPoE connection, disabled routers and computers firewalls, set the DMZ host on my PC and i still can't connect to it. I even tried defraging the Disks and using CCleaner to erase all unneeded cache ... Any idea how to fix this? It all worked fine for about 2 weeks, and today it suddenly started returning this error ...
  2. Ok i defragmented all of the disks that i had and it still returns CRC missmatches ... I am going to reinstall windows anyways pretty soon ... got tired of all of the files that i am to lazy to clean
  3. Ok, sorry for my late reply but i'm very busy with school lately :C ... Can you please add me on skype, since you look like you have the fix for my problem my skype username is alyaz07 Anyhow, i am defragmenting right now, and yes, i'm using windows 7 ultimate ^^
  4. The whole harddrive or just all of the MTA files ... The CRC missmatches only happen on the client's screen, but not consoles ...
  5. It downloads the map files but it return's a CRC missmatch error, usualy for music.mp3, music.lua and other scripts in the map
  6. Hello ! I have a race server and a problem When i have the resources to be downloaded from the actual server, everything works fine, but when i set the resources to be downloaded from an external web server, i get a CRC error on certant maps for downloading music.lua and the music.mp3 file, but this doesn't happen on EVERY map. I also have synched all of the maps with the external server so there are no differences in them. Help me :C
  7. problem fixed had to switch the host
  8. So i'm having a race server and i'm trying to use a free host to host my resources (im using bythehost). And i edited all of the setting correctly, but MTA can't retreive ANY mp3 file from the website. I'm wondering if this is a known issue or do i need to change the host :C
  9. Ok the problem now is that nobody can download music.mp3 from the website for my race server ... It always returns an error 404 which cant download the music script any ideas ?
  10. So if i have the resources in folders in my server, the files need to be folders on the external server also?
  11. Hello all! I'm a noob in MTA servers but i learn very quickly The problem is that my upload can't host the server + host resources that others can download. I got a good website hoster that the files can be downloaded from that website but after getting all the setting right, it always reports an error that song.mp3 couldn't be downloaded (Yes, i have a race server). Now i'm curious, if the resources on the website need to be in a .zip or .rar and if the resources in the server folder need to be in a folder or the .zip or .rar to synchronise. I will be on for some time and if someone offe
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