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  1. I have the exact same issue and i am unable to understand how to avoid overwriting. i have just started scripting someone please help! Can you please edit the code and make the right changes so i can learn? I'd be highly thankful for the help. t ={ {2450, -1670, 12}, {2455, -1670, 12}, {2460, -1670, 12} } for i, v in pairs(t) do a = createMarker(v[1], v[2], v[3], "cylinder", 2.5, 255, 255, 255) end addEventHandler('onMarkerHit', a, function (player) if source == a and getElementType(player) == "player" then if isPedInVehicle (player) == true then outputChatBox('Vehicle
  2. Hello, I have just started learning scripting around 2 weeks now after finishing basic Lua. I created few simple resources myself and happy they work. So i decided to create something more complicated (for me) below is the script of moving objects when a player hits colShape. Example: #1 works fine so i decided to create it more efficient way Example: #2 which unfortunately don't work and i am getting it wrong i believe. Example: #1 (working script) local gateObjOne = createObject (988, 1023.599609375, -367.7001953125, 74.099998474121) local gateObjTwo = createObject (988, 1051, -323
  3. Brother maybe you're right but I really didn't get you. I don't want to have an object. I want to add my own interior. Even guess I replace it with any object how am I suppose to wrap to my interior? I am currently trying to have a custom interior for a prison but idk how set my interior that I designed in 3D Max. I thought if I could replace it with existing interiors but they have x, y, z positions and not just model ID.
  4. Hello everyone, hope you're doing well! Guys i am just a beginner to MTA Scripting and i encountered a problem that i tried to solve by self for hours but unfortunately could not. Actually i have created a Prison Model in 3D Max and after export i got .txd, .dff and .col files. What i want to do is add this in my server as an interior. Soon after creating an interior model in 3D Max i stuck between objects and interiors concept, i wonder if i follow this https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/35801-tut-adding-custom-objects-in-mta/ topic and try to add my int in server i have to replace it wi
  5. Oh! definitely understood. Thanks for help. Glad to be helped by Hoodsta.
  6. No bro, didn't work as i said that it works fine if i copy codes from wiki http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Int ... ng_the_GUI and don't work if i write it.... That Script Made me real confused..
  7. Then why it works if i copy these codes from wiki?
  8. function createLoginWindow() local X = 0.375 local Y = 0.375 local Width = 0.25 local Height = 0.25 wdwLogin = guiCreateWindow(X, Y, Width, Height, "Please Log in", true) X = 0.0825 Y = 0.2 Width = 0.25 Height = 0.25 guiCreateLabel(X, Y, Width, Height, "Username", true, wdwLogin) Y = 0.5 guiCreateLabel(X, Y, Width, Height, "Password", true, wdwLogin) X = 0.415 Y = 0.2 Width = 0.5 Height = 0.15 edtUser = guiCreateEdit(X, Y, Width, Height, "", true, wdwLogin) Y = 0.5 edtPass = guiCreateEdit
  9. http://www.filedropper.com/client_6 here's The Full Code file, just you have to download.
  10. Hello! I am currently Learning MTA:SA scripting. Basically i wrote login panel script and tried run it but login window can not disable on my screen it's work fine from console But it's work fine if i copy those codes and past in notebook++ and try.... http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Int ... ng_the_GUI here's the link... But when i write it by hands it don't works i checked everything goes fine but i don't know why it's not working...Have any idea? Thanks!
  11. Thanks every one! my problem is solved now. and best thanks to 3NAD.
  12. I can't open admin panel in game, and tried acl.xml>admin group> but nothing happen and when i see it after a min or after refresh there that line no longer available.
  13. Alright, i fixed that problem, but now another problem it shows ERROR again "[2013-09-24 12:42:02] WARNING: [admin]/admin2/server/admin_ACL.lua:58: Access denied @ 'aclSetRight'"
  14. I tried. But still it's shows that ERROR, and i need open my admin panel... Please suggest another way if you know..or maybe in mtaserver.conf? Please help me. "[2013-09-24 11:42:38] ERROR: Couldn't find script server/admin_acl.lua for resource admin2 [2013-09-24 11:42:38] Loading of resource 'admin2' failed" Still this ERROR
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