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  1. Cold[MM]

    Discord Overlay

    Hi i've tried to use the discord overlay on all other games but multi theft auto, and they all have worked, but mta is the only game where it doesn't work, i tried to enable it for mta itself, but it doesn't matter what i do, it still doesn't appear, is there anything blocking the overlay from appearing on this game only?
  2. Cold[MM]

    Logs Folder

    that is not what i meant, it was a folder that contained a text file for each day that you used mta, like a console output
  3. Cold[MM]

    Logs Folder

    Months ago there was a folder that contained logs for everyday that you played, it was really useful, now i can only see 1 text file that has the console history of 1 day, my question is: where is the logs folder?
  4. Cold[MM]

    img mods skin

    you must go to: MTA San Andreas 1.5 ->server -> mods -> deathmatch, you have to open mtaserver.conf with notepad, you will find a line like this. none
  5. Whenever i start MTA and plug in my earbuds, MTA audio will come out of the speakers only and not the earbuds, if i were to connect them back, the result doesn't change. In order to make it work i have to close the game, plug them in and then start MTA again, after i disconnect them, i have to stick to my earbuds. This only happens with mta. In other words, if i start mta without earbuds, the earbuds wont be usable until i close the game, viceversa for the speakers.
  6. Cold[MM]

    Server list spam

    well, today i was looking for the Mini-Missions server but i found out there was another server with the exact same name, this one redirects you to an Arabic eSports tdma server, i don't know the format to report this kind of stuff but here are some pics that proove what i'm saying, thanks for reading
  7. Cold[MM]


    bueno, hace un par de dias estube buscando el server de mini-missions en la lista de servers de mta, pero cuando busco, me encontre con la sorpresa de que hay 2 servers de mini missions, osea el real y uno falso que tiene slots de player de 1 jugador, cuando entro me redirige a un server tdma arabe de eSports, hay alguna manera de reportar a ese servidor que hace una estafa por hacerse pasar por el server de mini missions? fotos: