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  1. Boss


    Few people develop a good notion of their surroundings... Sneaking up on someone's back and spraying them down is usually easy @ aiming ahead... That worked perfectly on mta:gta3. The same rule applies more or less here.
  2. Meh, lot of old faces here.
  3. A: rox the sox. Q: will humanity stop finding something to whine about?
  4. Quality work out there, enjoy the new release.
  5. A: No, because a faggot such as yourself is never online when I'm on. Q: Will they ever make gta for the pc decent?
  6. Wow. Time sure flies. I remember it back in 2003 when things were starting, the community was great, I and a few others had a great blast with the fun that MTA was. I myself only joined "the scene" when MTAVC's first release happened. Boy do I remember people trying to find out who were others, everyone calling everyone else a cheater because of the bad syncronization (that got improved over time), the endless gun fights in Malibu near the only player spawn, joys of the first versions. I met a few people playing this mod, started my own clan (or gang, lol), SM. Those were fun times. Months la
  7. * Sneaks in before the door is closed... * Happy Late Bday!
  8. Arctos666, we don't take ripping too kindly you know.
  9. Nice to see so many old faces... DJ: yeah, you're welcome back if you stay active. I don't mean that you have to play often, but just showing up at least once a week on irc... Gulag: currently me, hazj and xenez are busy with life, so yeah, you're welcome to come back, specially as a recruiter, with the same condition as DJ, which is being on irc sometimes. Dealer: where have you been man?
  10. Boss

    0x21796F6A ERROR!

    armorfid: please be more specific, do you mean your start game button now works (you manage to go a little further) but it still stops at a certain point with that error?
  11. Boss


    With mta:ma, you could just create a script that would start a race on request, tell the players to go to a certain area (by name, not by coordinates, as humans can't figure it ) and keep telling them where to go for the next checkpoint. This would be very limited though, so I suggest you wait for the possiblity of Blue on VC. Time will tell.
  12. This has been quiet for a while (Consider that 5 days have passed ) Again:
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