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    maybe the problem is from your modem...
  2. well , my friends and i are thining about hosting a server. but i want to know , after buying the host , what do i do to get the 'console' , and can 2 of us get it ?
  3. anyone have a tutorial about this?
  4. team = getTeamName(getPlayerTeam(playerSource)) if team == false then team = "Police" end
  5. these are all different scripts/resources you have to make/map/script them one by one
  6. well , i was in a server name Hajwalah , and i'saw that they have a modded Bullet named with other name , and a normal bullet , is that possible ? you didnt understand what i mean ? example i spawner a car mod for bullet , when i get in i read a new name (like 'hoafxx' for example) but when i do /cv bullet i get normal bullet or in other server , they modded the SuperGT and made its name "fortune" how can i do that?
  7. can anyone tell me how to change the HUD.txd to a script?
  8. i am looking for the best TDM scripter , i we will pay!
  9. well u didnt realy understand , i make peds from Map Editor and how do they attack?
  10. well , i am beginner scripter . i actualy use the MTA development version , how can i make the ped attack/make animatin/get weapons? can u help me?
  11. i don't have any of those , but i dont get it
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