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  1. I didn't get you, Dwayne. Can you please explain what you really mean?
  2. Awesome! Can you please move my server to USA? Only if it is possible! Thanks! @MTA users, This host is just great, if you have any problems, they are always happy to help you! Just one word: Awesome!
  3. about setting the colors, use dx.
  4. Check out the wiki, it is a great resource to start with.
  5. I hope you get there fast. I'll also add your hosting service in my signature. You seem to be a good host and a honest one. Good luck again!
  6. The server which I am carrying and located at IT was also DDoSed. But, the server was able to come back by itself.
  7. Raahim

    Help MTASA Host.

    Ask them to help your, if not, use www.gta-servers.net and if you don't want to do that, post a screen of the panel and I will try my best t help you.
  8. Raahim

    Help MTASA Host.

    The server is not up and running or the ports are closed.
  9. Raahim

    Help MTASA Host.

    What is the IP?
  10. What is so special in that? Here is an awesome 'dx' ui made by Dennis also known as UniOn: http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ls&id=7001 Making a 'dx' ui is really hard (pain in the butt) and takes lots of time!
  11. @hdf-host 1. Get better in English. 2. Provide a free host and then talk. 3. If not, get the fuck out. @On Topic: The host is great! Get this host! Even if not in give away as it might get over, just buy it! It is great and I promise you guys!
  12. Raahim

    MTA Menu

    The idea is pretty good. But, we really do not need it. Instead, MTA Developers can spend time more on scripting features.
  13. Download Link: http://adf.ly/QyL77 This was a few days ago.
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