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  1. Username: mojiz Your name(Full and last name): Mojiz ali Why do you want free MTA Server? My friend and me wants to open a new stealth server community in order to start the stealth back .... as stealth is getting dead.. Your Skype: mojizali456. Your Email: mojizali456@gmail.com
  2. add some changes in vip like vip players can take jetpacks and get 30% more money from jobs and less jail .
  3. add me on skype mojizali456.
  4. i love to have a server .. my skype mojizali456 . Email = mojizali456@gmail.com Waiting for you.
  5. Its nice but to many bugs and error ./
  6. Warning NGSQL/sqllua:21:dbPoll Failed; Unknown column Vehicle ID in field list ERRor NGvehicles/vehicle_slua bad argument #1ipairs table expected this is the error please help .
  7. I have a problem i added new development that you updated i mean that i added Used vehicle in my server and now my car shop is bugged first it wasnt when i try to buy a car i lost money but car dont comes .
  8. mojiz

    Help me with bug

    you cant help he is not answering man .
  9. Hey mates i downloaded vote redo from mtasa.com but i got a bug in this script that one person can do vote redo only one time but a person reconnects and does voteredo second time . I want to add changes so that this script can block serial so that if they reconnect they cannot voteredo second time . https://community.multitheftauto.com/in ... s&id=10604 this is script link . Plz fix for me .
  10. Hey guys ! I added 10 euro in my byserv control panel but nowa days i am not inactive much in mta . So. I am selling my byserv control panel with 10 euro. The price will be 6 euro. Payment options = Paypal or Paysafecard. Screenshot = http://prntscr.com/3vfyo8. My skype = mojizali456.
  11. if you don't want it , Please .Do Not Post a Reply .
  12. For More Proofs abouT iT and Screenshots . Contact me on skype = mojizali456.
  13. yes i can help you . add me in skype = mojizali456.
  14. excuse me , but why ban . i have the permissions to sell it .
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