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  1. dudePUNJABI

    Low FPS.

    Thank you for the updates,My laptop's performance has visually increased but fps are all the same.
  2. dudePUNJABI

    Low FPS.

    Paste-bin - http://pastebin.com/mkRvmRrR
  3. dudePUNJABI

    Low FPS.

    I think its g6 1301tx.
  4. dudePUNJABI

    Low FPS.

    Hey,I am playing on Full theft auto server,I cant have 48 fps till I run on 1366*768*16-bit and everyother thing on low,I can have everything on low but I hate to do my draw distance at 0.Here is the pasteBIN- http://pastebin.com/i5e14BWv Can you check if any drivers need an update? thanks.
  5. Idk men,I was complaining on my server that why its so difficult to open a server,A friend said try writing openports in console and all were ok,So i asked someone to check if he can come in,and there it was. :)
  6. How to go outside when you are in an interior for home,I mean like we use /sint for interior and for outside?
  7. Hey guys just to let you know,I don't anything about scripting.I just want some simple runcodes and the knowledge of how to execute them in my smaal server.Dont give the link of MTA wiki,cause I couldn't find it or even If I had found it,I didn't got a thing in my head ,So give me some usual runcodes and tell me how to execute them.Thank you. ***EDIT**** I can't give money to myself through the admin panel neither i can send myself to other dimension.please help.
  8. Ey samer I did it man,I have a server now.I typed openports in console and voila all were open,It is possible man.hhhhhhh
  9. Thanks for the help.I will move the cable connection then. ^^
  10. But I have a 2+ mbps speed. http://www.speedtest.net/result/2305819382.png
  11. Hi all,So I've been trying to create a server for a few friends.I am a n00b at computer language/scripting(Don't know the right word). So They said first You need to port forward If youre using a Wireless Connection(I am using Huawie E177) I've successfully made my IP static,But I Am having trouble in next part,Port forwarding. The main thing is my Router is not in the list of Routers in Port forwarding website ,I don't know how to login in my E-stick's Interface. Can anyone help me?
  12. Sir Are you working on it...Please let me know...I m dying to play the game now.
  13. They told me to post this link on forum "" http://pastebin.com/em0Z9s7x ""
  14. Sir,I have been running MTA very well before some mods,the mods went well with the gameplay but at some point I might have ruined gta3 registry because I am new to the modding.It was my first mod.So after i knew I crashed my GTA sa I removed it with Revo uninstaller installed it again,after that I deleted MTA,reinstalled it.Even after this pop-up comes up saying MTA cleint verification failed.I tried once more but this time firstly I removed MTA restarted then deleted SA using default Uninstaller restarted but no luck,it continues to stop me from playing MTA.As for confirmation that I may have
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