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  1. Have you checked debugscript 3? Nope, Whats debugscript 3? Explain please noob here
  2. Hello Today im going to ask how to add level (exp system by Castillo) on scoreboard (i use scorefps by eXo|dragon)? well i have done this: on scorefps Client local root = getRootElement() local player = getLocalPlayer() local counter = 0 local starttick local currenttick addEventHandler("onClientRender",root, function() if not starttick then starttick = getTickCount() end counter = counter + 1 currenttick = getTickCount() if currenttick - starttick >= 1000 then setElementData(player,"Fps",counter)
  3. Okay check your pm bro thanks CLOSE THREAD PLEASE
  4. when i open the file with notepad++ i got this
  5. I used Yakuza's weapons script and in the file theres an .sfx file how can i edit this .sfx file?
  6. I know how to make my own login and register system but i want to edit the default login and register system from multi theft auto first Did you know wheres the .lua file that include default login and register system from mtasa?
  7. As my subject said above How can i edit mtasa default account system? 1. I want to edit the commands/register and /login, i want to edit them to simple GUI so there's no need for use cmd /register or /login anymore. Wheres the .lua file for this cmd? 2. And can I edit the database from internal.db to SQL ? Sorry for bad english but hope you understand and can help me
  8. How to edit the amount of ammo? and the weapon skill i want to edit on weap skill 600 it can use double gun
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