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  1. Epozide

    MTA Crash

    http://www.webroot.com/ Comparing it to other software, I found that it's literally epic.It was best one in 2015 due to PCMag blog. It's unknown, because it's new. Anyway, the problem is solved.
  2. Epozide

    MTA Crash

    Thank you calling me retarded in every topic, that illustrates a lot. Webroot is so stable tho. I've made an exception and it worked! Thank you, @Dutchman101
  3. So do I, without hesitate, I started my server with it, even thought, the MTA bot is not ready (linking game and discord). The UI is amazing, it's also beautiful that you can see it's platform in all operating systems. It's too safe, never get affected if anything bad happened. I highly recommend it!
  4. Epozide

    MTA Crash

    This is the virus which is being deleted. http://imgur.com/a/XjFHx You can see here it's type and name. It exists in last MTA update, probably. Because I was able to join and play before it. The link I get when crashed: https://updatesa.multitheftauto.com/sa/trouble/?v=1.5.3-9.11138.0.000&id=A34DCD058B185140309E93EF938B95F3&tr=module-not-loadable&name=cefweb
  5. Epozide

    MTA Crash

    It works without antivirus. Antivirus deletes the file too fast as its too dangerous, I don't know what is that. https://pastebin.mtasa.com/799693693
  6. Epozide

    MTA Crash

    WebRoot, also, its done after the latest update of MTA.
  7. Epozide

    MTA Crash

    MTA does crash when joining specific server and getting this error : "Error loading "CefWeb" module!" NOTE: Antivirus deleted a file in MTA "dll" due to having malware. Please, don't reply saying "Disable the anti virus"
  8. To be moved to right board of Arabic Support. هل يحدث معك هذا في كل السيرفرات؟
  9. Epozide


    CSG uses UCD cores, lately, all does! Take a visit at csgmta.com to see how epicly they work. Lampard, I understand your situation, so if you wanna take a visit at CSG lately and want to buy anything for the amount you spent, contact me. I unfortunately can do nothing else.
  10. Yes, it's windows 10. Once I installed windows 10, same problems happened to me. I instantly downgraded to 8.1, because in short, windows 10 sucks.
  11. Can you show me the whole client side?
  12. Show me a screenshot of ports section in router.
  13. Epozide

    Hosting Solution

    Paypal is supported in Tunisia.
  14. Epozide

    FPS Drops

    Alright, that's a problem I've been working at in my server. Lemme tell you some steps, first make an ACL account and include it in admins group. Second, you've to use a script called performancebrowser in MTA:SA default scripts folder. Third, open this link in your browser "http://yourserverip:22005/performancebrowser/" For ex. "" Then, it will ask you for the ACL username you've created, write it then you will see the page. Tick "include clients", then you will see players names appeared. Choose the player the faces the FPS Drop and see w
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