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  1. The .scm can be decompiled into a .txt file, which can THEN be edited in notepad though, but then you'll need to recompile it. However, you'll need a program called Vice City Mission Builder to do this. As long as you don't modify important things and just stick with weapon and car placement, you should be fine. Happy modding.
  2. The problem is that you're seeing something other than someone else. Such as the fact that you look like you're driving, say, a Cheetah to everyone in the game, but the physics and dimensions are different on your game. Therefore they may see you stuck somewhere in the hood of the car, causing their game to crash. The easiest solution is to create two installs of Vice City, one unmodded for MTA, and the other for all of your modifications.
  3. There is a program called Vice City Mission Assembler or something. A word of warning: do not edit mta.scm! It violates the contract that you agree to when installing and it also screws up other peoples games.
  4. Might I suggest that in any case, the speedometer be made smaller? The text is somewhat obnoxious.
  5. You could've also looked in the mta.scm file (of course NOT editing it) and determined that it's impossible for the Skimmer to exist as it is not coded to be parked anywhere.
  6. Lol, I like the one with the bike in the air that is on fire.
  7. All them damn speedometer mods are different..there is one that is the most accurate but I forget the name of it.
  8. Good vid, loved the stunts..but are you sure you did them completely legit? Because on some it really looks like you should've fallen off the bike.. oh well the stunts were still great.
  9. Due to lack of interest in the mod all work will be stopped. Whatever work has even been started that is.
  10. Can't see it..but since I already saw it I don't care. Just try to get it back up.
  11. The only 'central' half-life servers are the authentication servers, and they have nothing to do with the game itself. If you were to keep track of everything the game would be slow and most likely lag more. The issues are being fixed in v0.2, until then we can just live with 0.1 and hope that it gets a little better.
  12. Bender is a character from 'Futurama'.
  13. Pic working, but I already knew about that...
  14. http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtopic.php?t=2651 Good guide, tells you how to do all that stuff.
  15. raiden

    Need more Cars

    This has been suggested and the cars will be rearranged in further versions to put them on both islands.
  16. The person who did it was probably on a high resolution and just didn't think of that, I'm sure with enough complaints it will be changed.
  17. Thanks for the tip, I'll add that as soon as I figure out who is hosting my map.
  18. Though it is *highly likely* it's San Andreas, we cannot be sure and it is not confirmed.. After all, Rockster could just be pulling our chain just to surprise us with a completely different game.
  19. I just don't understand why it's such an issue..doesn't waste your time or anyone elses. Doesn't take a genius to decode u meaning you.
  20. We all appreciate your sleuthing skills..but we've known all of this for several months..
  21. You can still read it, does it really even matter? I haven't seen any typos in MTA itself so I think someone was just in a hurry. No need to waste time on the site when you're creating a great mod.
  22. I think some people need to go out and get a life until MTA 0.2 comes out so they aren't constantly worrying about it.
  23. Actually most IPs don't change every time you connect..some people have those, but they aren't too common, not common enough to be an issue on MTA.
  24. You can't..MrBump is on the MTA team so he gets it..not public yet.
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