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  1. I know that i can attach a weapon to a car but my problem is how can i allow the attached weapon to rotate the same as the tank,i have been capable of attaching the weapon to a humvee but i cant figure out how to make it rotate when a player mounts it ,you don't have to tell me the code i want to figure it out but at least tell me if this is possible or not
  2. i have searched for dayz resource for mta sa and cant find it its known that it is a public resource so where could i find it
  3. Is it affected if i put host game from the game since this server is not offecial and should i do something in the MTAserver.exe and there are .col for every .dff lines in .xml files
  4. this is a picture of what i have in the map folder the one called map is the dff objects found in the map this is the .xml <!-- Meta.xml generated with 50p's MTA:SA MAXScript v0.3 (18/05/2010) --> <meta> <info author="trojen100" gamemodes="race" name="cs9100" type="map"/> <script src="cs9100.lua" type="client" /> <map src="cs9100.map" dimension="0" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_50.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_50.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_1.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_1.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_2.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_2.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_3.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_3.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_4.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_4.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_5.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_5.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_6.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_6.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_7.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_7.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_8.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_8.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_9.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_9.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_10.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_10.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_11.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_11.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_12.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_12.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_13.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_13.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_14.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_14.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_15.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_15.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_16.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_16.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_17.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_17.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_18.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_18.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_19.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_19.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_20.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_20.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_21.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_21.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_22.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_22.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_23.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_23.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_24.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_24.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_25.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_25.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_26.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_26.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_27.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_27.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_28.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_28.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_29.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_29.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_30.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_30.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_31.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_31.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_32.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_32.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_33.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_33.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_34.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_34.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_35.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_35.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_36.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_36.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_37.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_37.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_38.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_38.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_39.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_39.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_40.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_40.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_41.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_41.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_42.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_42.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_43.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_43.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_44.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_44.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_45.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_45.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_46.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_46.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_47.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_47.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_48.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_48.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_49.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_49.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_100.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_100.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_51.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_51.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_52.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_52.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_53.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_53.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_54.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_54.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_55.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_55.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_56.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_56.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_57.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_57.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_58.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_58.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_59.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_59.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_60.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_60.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_61.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_61.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_62.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_62.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_63.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_63.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_64.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_64.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_65.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_65.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_66.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_66.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_67.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_67.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_68.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_68.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_69.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_69.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_70.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_70.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_71.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_71.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_72.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_72.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_73.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_73.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_74.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_74.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_75.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_75.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_76.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_76.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_77.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_77.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_78.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_78.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_79.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_79.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_80.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_80.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_81.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_81.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_82.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_82.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_83.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_83.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_84.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_84.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_85.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_85.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_86.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_86.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_87.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_87.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_88.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_88.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_89.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_89.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_90.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_90.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_91.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_91.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_92.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_92.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_93.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_93.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_94.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_94.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_95.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_95.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_96.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_96.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_97.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_97.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_98.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_98.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_99.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_99.col" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_0.dff" /> <file src="map/BSP_Object_model_0.col" /> </meta> note that i tried to change the gamemode to race and put it in the maps of gamemode race but it didnt show up in maps tab in admins panel and i tried to change the gamemode to team death match {tdma} but it also didint work
  5. i got a map that is for CS i used nems map viewer to turn it to obj it have .tga{photoshop} i then got it inside 3ds max and i used 50ps map exporter i ticked get the dff and lua and xml and i located its place so i haved 4 files the lua files with the .map files and xml files and a folder called map that have dff modules i named it and i winzipped it but when i try and put it in the server/mods/deathmatch/resource/gamemode/maps it does not show up on my admin panel in map gamemode so what do i need to do or what did i do something wrong and thanks
  6. I have 2 quastion regarding weapon skill and level to get that weapon 1.if i want to make weapon skill gui window were whene a player reaches a level he gets one skill point and upgrade it in a skill of the weapon 2.if i want to give weapons to certain players with a specific level like level 20 gets an ak what is the script for that
  7. So i eas on a death match server and i found that they have this map its the same i have srarched for centuries for how to do this but i didnt find how So how to do this how to make a map that looks the same in cs I dont mean creating it i mean putting it as it is no more no less
  8. Well i have created many 3d objects by time and i need to put them in mta and gta well they are still in there 3ds format and i want a tutorial on how to turn them into a Txd file and a dff file i have tried kamscript but the creator of this script vanished from earth and he didnt left any video tutorial so i searvhed many videos but they werent helpfull so please would you be kind and tell me how to make the dff and Txd files of any baot or a car or a ped skin
  9. You can replace the models during the whole gameplay process. For example, if you go to one place, the model ID has some model, then if you go to another place, another model is put into the same ID slot. If you make it like this, you may have multiple different models with the same ID as long as you make sure that these models are not both visible for the player at the same time Some one here told me this if its real and works tell me how and if its possible with ped skin tell me how give me a decent and a very helpfull tutorial please dont ignore and am sorry if its not in the right place
  10. trojen100


    In this post i have 2 quastions need to be solved: 1.i am doing a team death match maps so can i create a map in 3ds max and put it into mta? 2. When i create a map in 3ds max like the objects are created in it no objects from mta can this mapbe given an id and put it as an object (the whole map)
  11. Do you have a tutorial i want to give it a try
  12. I am telling you adfing not replacing it differs
  13. trojen100


    How to create a movement i want to give it a try
  14. Is there any script that allow the players to take cover behind every thing just as gta iv And thanks
  15. trojen100


    Is there any script for mta sa that enables crawling if yes can you give me the link and sorry for writing croaching
  16. well i was wondering is it possible to add weapons ,cars,objects into mta sa without replacingem them add them not replace them if yes can you post the 3 tutorials
  17. yup this is it thx all of you
  18. i mean there is a resource on mta resource but i dont know its name
  19. Is it possible to add extra seats to a car like a car that only have 2 seats when you press g pnly 2 can enter but eith this script it allows for extra seats like from 2 seats to 4 seats when pressing g
  20. i have really a very awsome creations done at 3ds max cars charachters and choppers but the problem i dont know how to make them a Txd and DFF i have tried Kams script but its useless the tutorial is useless i searched at google but without any luck if you have a more discreptive tutorial on how to use Kams script tell me it and if there is another program i am ready note that it should be for 3ds max creations
  21. trojen100


    is it possible to convert gta sa mods into mta sa
  22. There is a resource on the meta community called team selection so how can i upgrade the script to allow a player to choose a team after login and then he cant choose another one he stays on it
  23. is it possible to give abilities to admin and doont give to players and how do i give special abilities for the people who reach max level and reset to start all over again but with spacial and how could i lock cars to make the players reach a specific level to ride it and cars which are only for vip no body else could enter it
  24. trojen100

    Kams script

    Does any one knows how to use kams script to transform my skins and cars and planes +boats to gta sa mods any one could help me pleas i have searched very much and i couldent find an answer
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