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  1. hmmm and simply way ? with this i must open all scripts and add this. And i want disable all cached maps and resources. Because my cache folders have over 30GB
  2. Hello guys please how i can disable cache resources ? I know about deletefile function but i want simply idea maybe in mtaserver.conf or somethink. Thanks for replies.
  3. boban88

    [HELP]FPS drops

    hello i have problem on my server. All players have FPS drops but i no. Players have this drops only on this servers on other servers with 1.5 its good. Can give me some ideas how to fix ? When server running on 1.4 all have good FPS and when i upgrade to 1.5 all have drops and i don't know why. Thanks for all replies.
  4. sorry iwas on holidays now work perffect thank you
  5. stiil nothing but now cursor dont show too
  6. still not working i change function for this gWindow = guiCreateStaticImage(gUtils.posX, gUtils.posY, gUtils.guiW, gUtils.guiH, 'images/up.png')
  7. Hello i have this client side script but not working and i have not idea why. Please try help me. local sW,sH = guiGetScreenSize ( ); local gUtils = { }; gUtils.guiW,gUtils.guiH = 398, 410; gUtils.posX,gUtils.posY = sW / 2 - gUtils.guiW / 2, sH / 2 - gUtils.guiH / 2; local gLabels = { }; local gButtons = { }; function createGui ( ) gWindow = dxDrawImage(gUtils.posX, gUtils.posY, 300, 300, 'images/up.png') guiWindowSetSizable ( gWindow, false ); guiSetVisible ( gWindow, false ); bindKey ( "F10", "down", showPanel ); end addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart
  8. Hello. I have 1 resource from community but scripts are compiled to luac and i need stop bind for players without admin rights. I think this: when i press F3 script show me gui with some settings but i need stop this showing for players without rights. I can do this or i must contact owner of script and ask him for edit for me ? Thanks for answers.
  9. ok i fix it i forget this symbol '
  10. no i haven't any errors or warnings in logs or console. I dont know why this code not working when reg and log works perffect with same parameters...
  11. Hello i have 2nd problem with my DB i have login and register system via MySql. Register: works perfect DB set all stats to 0 money to 500€ Login: works perfect DB load all stats on 0 and money on 500€ Save: don't work in spoiler is my code. Thank you for any ideas and solutions.
  12. oh im idiot i fix it i have shuffled rows in command sry but thank you guy
  13. here is DB 2 lines with name pass and log bul bul is tested via command INSERT but not from server. I create test.sql and import it to DB. EDIT: here is screen normal http://opatrovatelka-no.sk/images/here.png
  14. no 0 errors 0 warnings and i need mysql and before 1 year this script works perfect i dont know why now is broken...
  15. hello i need help with my script. I have register via MySql but when i use /reg on server than server answer me login sucessfull but DB is empty. My line: mysql_query( database, "INSERT INTO accounts (log,pass,serial,name,points,money,wins,second,third,hunters,alevel,kills,score,playtime,deaths,matches,days,hours,minutes ) VALUES ('" .. username .. "','" .. password .. "', '" .. serial .. "', '" .. name .. "','1','1','1','1','1','1','1','1','1','1','1','1','1','1','1' )" ) and i have this: database = mysql_connect( "localhost", "root", "pass", "db" ) if database then outputD
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