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  1. Very dungerous cheater! SilentBlue this bitch want all to crash Viper same for this! pay attention! i hate cheater
  2. Jenjy


    this is not a cheat tread i only see this shit hack in an official server whif anti cheat anyway i report all the cheater.. and i'm not a newby i follow MTA from the first release..
  3. Jenjy


    Today i Join the "official mta server" but i see flying car, cars at 500 km/h and more other mod and so on and the error in maximum 1-2 min of playing but is there something to block this????
  4. the problem persist error and error in confugaration tools ( i have the latest version..) why? thx..
  5. thx and when i start the server by the start program mta server doesn't work say the "configuration file can not be loaded" but.. when a start that in the folder of mta manually run! lol why?
  6. yeahhhhhhhhh i can't wait the team is the best!
  7. I check mta every 5 minutes
  8. i see the working of vc 0,2 is too fast congratulation to the team are fantastic!
  9. Hi i open a server protected 24 h 24 by me and other person whif remote admin tools for kick and ban cheater FOR NO CRASH AND ANY OTHER PROBLEM! IP: port 2003 Admin: sub-zero and many other admin I wait person in game BYE!!!
  10. New features are fantastic congratulation to the MTA TEAM!!!
  11. yes sorry !!! and thx for the replies
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