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  1. [S.K]

    Help me

    if u can't help me then pls don't reply let any one else reply and they are 300 + scripts
  2. [S.K]

    Help me

    cuz he is inactive
  3. [S.K]

    Help me

    i got RPG server script and they don't work so i heard that they work with Wamp server or buy a VPS server so i downloaded Wamp server and i uploaded Database.sql with PHPMyAdmin so what i have to do next pls tell me
  4. [S.K]

    Help me

    Server owner was closing server so he gave all scripts and i was testing the server but i don't know how this server scripts work it's different i downloaded Wamp server and uploaded database.sql with PHPMyAdmin pls tell me what i have to do next
  5. pls help dude i'm scripting anything else and i don't understand this how to do pls do that anyone
  6. vuelo = false function volar() if (vuelo == false) then vuelo = true setWorldSpecialPropertyEnabled("aircars", true) triggerServerEvent("onFly", getLocalPlayer()) else vuelo = false setWorldSpecialPropertyEnabled("aircars", false) triggerServerEvent("offFly", getLocalPlayer()) end end addCommandHandler("fly", volar) isObjectInACLGroup("Admin") end Whats wrong i can't fly i'm Admin btw i need Occupation i mean Admin Occupation can fly
  7. i made Car fly but i want to make it for Staff Team only
  8. [S.K]


    it say it is big. i can't post
  9. [S.K]


    when i join server then my game restart http://pastebin.com/1cGj2m3k
  10. [S.K]


    my cousin MTA is not working http://pastebin.com/qf0kCB1f
  11. [S.K]

    MTA Problem

    i got MTA problem here is SS
  12. [S.K]


    ty Castillo i will test the script soon
  13. [S.K]


    ty but when i die i all lose my weapons is there anything i spawn with weapons
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