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  1. But where can i find the SQL data file????
  2. I'm trying to run the Paradise gamemode but i'm not sure how... viewtopic.php?f=148&t=39069 Wich file does he/she mean that hase to be imported in the phpmyadmin thing?
  3. The english is bad so i don't understand everything... when i have made the database... wich file do i have to import?, i imported the mysql.lua file but it says that there is an error, i fixed the error, the file got imported but now the server just shuts down by it self..... please help me!
  4. I'm trying to change the weapons that the different teams gets in the cdm gamemode, but i don't wich file to edit. Any tip?
  5. I've done the "openports" thing and it says that all of them are open
  6. All ports that are necessary are open but my server won't show up on the list. Any tips for what the problem could be?