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  1. but I don't get the benefit in performance. Is it even possible to bind to MTA's events from another langauge?
  2. Wait, so this is a parser? I thought this release enables write, run and use C# as a backend for MTA:SA.
  3. That would of been awesome if it was possible to create a custom client to quickly browse the servers instead of launching the game and then browsing the servers. Also to have just a simple, snappy client - without all the animations/fades.
  4. Oh, I thought this thread would be deleted anyway. Well, he said that when he enters a server, it takes a few minutes until it downloads a mere 1mb, while his download speed reaches 10mbps when downloading anything from the net.
  5. это прост их сервер интертет плохой.
  6. שלום,התחלתי לא מזמן בלקדד באם.טי.איי,יש לכם איזשהם המלצות על איך להתחיל או ללמוד ?